Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ford Tests Car That Can Park By Itself

WESTLAND, Mich. - Ford tested a car that can park by itself in Belgium this week, experimenting with the technology that would allow your vehicle to navigate itself into a tight spot - with or without you behind the wheel.

The technology, better known as Fully Assisted Parking Aid, uses ultrasonic sensors to scan the area for parking spaces up to 18 mph. That means, as you're cruising through a parking ramp or down a side street looking for a parking space, your vehicle is already scoping out the area for you. The car will then alert the driver to a space, giving you enough time to stop and not bypass it.

After you and your vehicle have located a space, you will put your car  into neutral and then push a parking button - from inside the car or outside via the keyfob. The vehicle would then take over for you and control the steering, acceleration, braking and guidance systems until it has moved itself into the space - this works for both diagonal and perpendicular parking.

Ford Tests Car That Can Park By Itself
Ford currently offers an Active Park Assist technology on its vehicles, which helps you steer the wheel into parallel parking spaces. The only difference is that the driver must still apply the gas and brakes. The Fully Assisted Parking Aid would have complete control when parking, giving you the option to make your vehicle do all of the work.

Ford is currently testing cars that can park by themselves, but aren't releasing a ton of information just yet. This means that the Fully Assisted Parking Aid technology hasn't been linked to any specific Ford vehicle just yet, but the Active Park Assist is available in numerous current models. If you'd like to discover which ones, or even take one of our New Ford Cars or New Ford Trucks out for a test drive, come see us! Our knowledgeable sales team would be more than happy to help you with any of your vehicle needs - from Car Loans to Used Car Value to test drives.

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