Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Family Fun: Making The Most of Family Time During The Summer

Summer Family Fun: Making The Most of Family Time During The Summer

WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Summer can offer a lot of fun activities to do while school is out and there is more time to spend with the family. It’s a great time to do some traveling or to get outside and playing some sports. You may even have some movies you are excited to see that are coming out soon at the movie theater. With all the possibilities for fun during the summer months, there are many activities to involve your friends or, perhaps, your family in. Family time is so important and with the summer in full swing, we recommend taking some time to begin planning out your activities for the upcoming months. For ideas on what to do this summer, continue reading our blog.

Summer Family Fun: Making The Most of Family Time During The Summer

1.) Traveling:

We’ve all seen the Vacation movies with Chevy Chase. Going on trips when all members of the family are free is something can set up some fun experiences. Your choice of destinations could vary from Chicago to Traverse City. It is completely possible you may be going to somewhere smaller like Grand Haven or Kalamazoo. Whether big or small, your travels will bring a great deal of happiness to you. Traveling in a vehicle or flying somewhere could give you memories of simply getting to the location you are seeking to go to. You might have a television within your car and are watching a great movie. You may have hooked up your video game system and are playing a race game against one another. You could be playing cards or a board game too. What matters is that you are together with them. Once you get there, you will make even more fun times to photograph and remember in a scrapbook. This is your chance to truly make the summer count where it matters. Go travel somewhere with your loved ones and have a great experience.

Summer Family Fun: Making The Most of Family Time During The Summer

2.) Sports:

One of the greatest enjoyable moments a family can experience is playing some sports outside. Once your children are old enough, they will be able to play a variety of different sports. With many different sports to choose from, there may be some that are better for you because of the size of your family versus some that could be better if you have a smaller family. You may be playing football or soccer. You might even be waterskiing or tubing. After choosing the sport, the experience will simply be playing it outside with your loved ones. While some might win and others could lose, it’s simply remembering how fun such a thing can be together. There’s no telling what the future holds when you are building trust and teamwork within the realms of your family.

Summer Family Fun: Making The Most of Family Time During The Summer

3.) Going to The Movies:

It’s hot out. Who wants to go to the movies, right? Well, on some days during the summertime, it will inevitably rain or it may be a tad bit colder on some nights than it normally is. In these cases, having an alternative to some of the traditional activities could be really helpful. In the movie world, summer is known as "blockbuster season". It’s the time when all the big and crazy movies come out. This summer, you have films like Incredibles 2 and Show Dogs or Hotel Transylvania 3 and Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. For you and your family, that means the opportunity to see huge spectacles on the big screen as well as buy a big soda, a giant thing of popcorn, or some candy. It also can lead you to form bonds with your family you choose to go with. It could be with the whole family or only your siblings. You may never know exactly what happens. However, the simple experience of being together is what matters in the end.

Summer Family Fun: Making The Most of Family Time During The Summer

4.) Playing Video Games:

This is another case of when the weather is not as great as it could be. This is when you might consider seeing who can defeat one another in a video game. Such games encourage teamwork and competition. It could bring out your wanting to win and be the best. It might help you to overcome barriers in your family by making two people work together, in order to succeed. It’s chances like this that truly make times memorable.

Family time in any of these activities would not be possible unless you had a motor vehicle. That’s why it may be time for you to check out various new models that are out there. At North Brothers Ford, we have any number of models that are designed to suit your needs. With a family, it can be tough to fit every single person in some smaller models. That’s why some cars can work better than others. Let us help you find the best vehicle to fit your needs.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ford Establishes Resource, Engagement Center in Romania

ford resource and engagement center

WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Ford has moved past the days of simply being a company in Dearborn and the Detroit metro area. Today, it is a global organization with operations in many different countries. It has employed 202,000 people since December 2017. Today, Ford is no longer just known for the invention of the Model T and its association with the founder of the company, Henry Ford. The global perspective of Ford has allowed it to grow into the behemoth it is today by producing some of the most cutting-edge cars out there. Ford Motor Company has taken its global platform to Romania, where the automaker’s philanthropic arm, the Ford Motor Company Fund, will establish the Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC), the first of its kind in Europe. Social entrepreneurship will be the focus of FREC.

The FREC, financed through a $1 million investment over four years from the Ford Motor Company Fund in cooperation with GlobalGiving, will place its focus on bringing recent graduates of and students from the University of Craiova to help create sustainable and innovative ways to drive economic and social progress. An additional $100,000 will come from a multi-year agreement between GlobalGiving, Ford Motor Company Fund’s international grant making partner, and EDUCOL. FREC also originates from a partnership with the Asociatia Pentry Educatie SV Oltenia (EDUCOL), a non-profit organization that looks to maximize development, employment opportunities, and training for young persons. It works with the City Hall of Craiova that will provide building premises. Building refurbishment is already underway via the support of Ford employees. The academic community and students at the University of Craiova are playing a big role.

FREC’s focus is to make an impact on the quality of life, job growth, and economic potential of the Oltenia region. It will also work to bring together various educational leaders, Ford volunteers, mentors, and different non-profit partners. It will assist various residents to develop new talents, celebrate their communities, and add new skills to their resumes. The many graduates and students will be asked to submit any proposals they might have by an early September deadline. The first winners would be announced at an inauguration ceremony in October. Access to FREC facilities and a start-up grant will be given to each team.

“Ford Fund has a proud tradition of strengthening the communities that are home to our employees, dealers, suppliers and customers,” Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services President Jim Vella stated. “We are excited to bring our transformational Ford Resource and Engagement Center model to Europe and provide access to opportunities and resources that will help make people’s lives better in Romania.”

Ford’s activities in Romania have stretched beyond their FREC work. They have also established a “Listen to your heart” free of charge cardio-vascular disease screening program; a Ford Driving Skills for Life safe driver training program; and the creation of a Vocational Training Center that specializes in electrical and mechanical engineering. The Ford safe driver training program’s reach is to over 2,500 teenagers through in-school seminars and over 1,000 young drivers throughout Romania annually.

While Ford is active in other parts of the world, it is also crafting beautiful new cars each and every day. North Brothers Ford has beautiful models that might satisfy your automotive desires. Take a look through our vast inventory of vehicles and you may find yourself driving off in style not too long after.

North Brothers Ford is located at 33300 Ford Rd Westland, MI 48185 and proudly serves as one of the premier dealerships in Metro Detroit, and is committed to exceptional customer service! Stop by or give us a call at 855-739-2023, our knowledgeable and helpful sales team will be more than happy to assist you!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Ford Detroit: Automaker Purchases Old Train Station

Ford Detroit

WESTLAND, Mich. – If you are a Detroiter, you are well aware that the old Detroit train station in Corktown has been left abandoned for a very long time. It has remained decrepit and none of it has been renovated whatsoever. Outside of being used as a filming location in films like “Transformers,” it has remained a distant memory of what Detroit used to be. With so much history, those driving along Michigan Avenue have long wondered why nothing has been done to rehab what was once a stunning building. With Ford Motor Company looking to open operations once again in the city of Detroit, the automaker has seized upon the chance to not only make a big imprint on Detroit but also make old train station an inhabitable area once more.

During the week in which Ford celebrated its 115th anniversary, the automaker announced the acquisition of the Michigan Central Station. The purpose of Ford’s new Corktown campus will be to focus on the electric and autonomous vehicles as well as create sophisticated urban mobility solutions and services including public transit, parking, roads, and connected vehicles. Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford said the acquisition of the Michigan Central Station means something more to him.

“Michigan Central Station is a place that in many ways tells the story of Detroit over the past century,” Ford said. “We at Ford want to help write the next chapter, working together in Corktown with the best startups, the smartest talent, and the thinkers, engineers, and problem-solvers who see things differently – all to shape the future of mobility and transportation.”

Ford’s plan is to have around 1.2 million square feet of space in Corktown. About three-quarters of which will be split between the company and its different partners in business. Around 2,500 Ford employees, the majority from the company’s mobility team, will be moving into Corktown by 2022. There will be further space to allow for around 2,500 additional employees from different businesses and other partners. What remains of the 300,000 square feet will be used for the attraction of local shops and restaurants, plans for new residential options, and the restoration of the grand hall back to its original shape. Ford President and CEO Jim Hackett said he sees Corktown as representing the future of the information age for Ford.

“What Rouge was to Ford in the industrial age, Corktown can be for Ford in the information age,” Hackett said. “It will be the proving ground where Ford and our partners design and test the services and solutions for the way people are going to live and get around tomorrow, creating a Southeast Michigan mobility corridor that spans west from Dearborn to Ann Arbor, and east to Detroit.” Hackett believes this also could turn Detroit into the “mobility capital of the world.”

“This will be the kind of campus where the emerging economy thrives – a collaborative ecosystem of companies, educators, investors, and innovators,” Hackett said. “This is where part of our team will live and work as a part of this community, alongside the customers and neighbors whose lives we’re trying to make better.” To Ford, Corktown draws him back to his Irish roots of where his family first came from.

“Just as Dearborn does, Corktown holds a special place in my heart,” Ford said. “Henry Ford was the son of an immigrant. His father, William Ford, came over from Cork during Ireland’s potato famine. And Corktown was a destination for immigrants like him who came here with little more than hope. It was a place where you could reimagine what’s possible. That’s what we want to do all over again, right here in Corktown – to build tomorrow, together.”

As Ford takes their next steps toward a bright future, you might wish to purchase a new Ford vehicle for yourself. Imagine yourself driving down Michigan Avenue from Dearborn into downtown Detroit as you pass by the train station. It's an exciting time to be in Detroit and that means it's time for you to purchase a new Ford car. There are many great models, which North Brothers Ford can assist with. We will help you discover what it means to be a Detroiter all over again.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ford Remembers The Eagle Squadrons of World War II With Custom Car Tribute

eagle squadrons

WESTLAND, Mich. – For many of us, World War II is an event that is part of a history that was long before any of us were born. It is something we read about in books or learn about in school. We never lived or experienced the events of the Pearl Harbor bombing in Hawaii or D-Day in France. These events did not shape or define our lives as they did for the generation that went through them. For those who lived through these events and fought in this war, their lives were not only shaped by these events but defined so deeply by them too. Many of those people still exist today and remember first-hand what it was like to go through these experiences. It is why Ford Motor Company has decided to pay tribute to the brave American fighter pilots who were part of the Royal Air Force during World War II.

These men were in squadrons that flew over Goodwood in the United Kingdom (UK) around 80 years ago during a war that changed the course of human history. Three Eagle Squadrons fought throughout the skies over northern Europe including France and the British coast with US volunteer pilots as some of those taking part. 2018 is the 20th year Ford has sponsored The Gathering during the EAA AirVenture. This year, alongside Vaughn Gittin Jr., a world champion drifter, Ford will be paying tribute to these heroes. This tribute will involve Gittin taking control of the one-off Eagle Squadron Mustang GT at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK on July 12. This vehicle, co-created by Gittin’s RTR Vehicles and Ford Performance, it is a Mustang GT, whose design is inspired by the fighter-aircraft in all of its camouflaged glory. It will eventually head back to The Gathering during the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in. This event, held on July 26, is in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, draws over 1,000 aviation enthusiasts every year. The vehicle will be auctioned off at The Gathering to help fund EAA’s education programs for youth. Ford has donated 11 custom-designed vehicles and helped garner over $3 million for the programs.

“Supporting young pilots through the EAA charity auction reflects Ford’s aviation history, tracing back to the company’s early days and the Arsenal of Democracy during WWII,” Ford Mustang Design Chief Darrell Behmer said. “The Eagle Squadron Mustang GT build with Vaughn and the Ford design team is a great way to honor our heroes and keep the spirit of aviation alive for the next generation of American pilots.”

The Eagle Squadron Mustang GT is a unique specimen in the motor vehicle department. Complete with a Ford Performance supercharger and a 700-horsepower 5.0-liter V8, it sports a Tactical Performance suspension package and an RTR carbon fiber wide-body kit. The highest bidder for this car will win a package for two people to attend the 2018 Ford Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, MI. The Dream Cruise takes place in August, where the winning bidder can take ownership of the car with an autographed plaque from the Ford design team and Gittin himself. Many other unique Ford car choices exist at North Brothers Ford. If you are looking for a particular model, we can help you explore all the different choices that might be suitable for you and your automotive needs.

North Brothers Ford is located at 33300 Ford Rd Westland, MI 48185 and proudly serves as one of the premier dealerships in Metro Detroit, and is committed to exceptional customer service! Stop by or give us a call at 855-739-2023, our knowledgeable and helpful sales team will be more than happy to assist you!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Ford Returns to Detroit: Moving Ford Team Edison

WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Ford is making its return to downtown Detroit with its purchase of a refurbished former factory in Corktown and the movement of Ford Team Edison, the company’s electric vehicle organization, to that location. This location will help Ford focus on crafting its first self-driving car and on accelerating hybrid options for different models such as the F-150 and Mustang.

Ford team edison

“Moving our teams to Corktown will further enhance our electric and autonomous vehicle development,” Ford Autonomous Vehicles and Electrification Vice President Sherif Marakby stated. “It gives our teams the workspace they need to promote collaboration and big thinking, and an urban setting that delivers crucial insight for both programs.”

The Corktown location will serve to accelerate Ford’s $11.8 billion investment in global electric vehicles to deliver different electrified cars such as the 2020 Mustang-inspired-battery-electric SUV. Ford has other plans to deliver various hybrid options for other different models. These include the Explorer, F-150, Mustang, Bronco, and Escape.

These new electrified models of Ford’s vehicle brands will enhance the performance, convenience, and capabilities of their vehicles. The F-150, for example, will feature different capabilities such as its onboard electric generator, which will achieve better mileage without sacrificing the performance of the vehicle.

Ford will push harder on the development of its battery-electric vehicle program with 40 different electrified vehicles becoming available globally by 2020. This includes 16 different full battery-electric cars. Ford’s ultimate goal is to make charging of vehicles more seamless and convenient while implementing the full-vehicle over-the-air software that can enhance capability and distinctive features.

At Ford Edison, the company’s future will be devoted to self-driving vehicle expertise. The company will realize this through the use of the artificial intelligence experience and robotics of Argo AI. Their work in Corktown will complement such efforts. There are other factors Ford will pay attention to as well.

Ford also seeks to provide dependable safety features, improved durability throughout urban environments, and a lower ownership cost via commercial-grade quality. The company’s hybrid-electric powertrain is geared toward achieving maximum mileage and a reduction of emissions in keeping the vehicle on the road for as long as possible.

“Our team has been researching self-driving technology for more than a decade, and when it came time to build out the business surrounding it, we put the customer at the center of our thinking,” Ford Motor Company Global Markets Executive Vice President and President Jim Farley said. “From the beginning, this drove the development of our production vehicle and technology.”

Farley added that this means a change in how Ford focuses on the vehicle types they are producing.

“What this means is we’re designing an all-new vehicle optimized for self-driving technology and the customers it will serve,” Farley stated. “We feel this optimization across the vehicle, technology, and customer experience will differentiate our business as we begin to serve leading companies, such as Lyft, in the movement of people and goods.”

If you want to be part of Ford’s future, consider picking up a brand new Ford vehicle from North Brothers Ford.

North Brothers Ford is located at 33300 Ford Rd Westland, MI 48185 and proudly serves as one of the premier dealerships in Metro Detroit, and is committed to exceptional customer service! Stop by or give us a call at 855-739-2023, our knowledgeable and helpful sales team will be more than happy to assist you!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

8 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Car Guys

WESTLAND, Mich. -- Father's Day is right around the corner, do you know what you're getting for your dad? If not, North Brothers Ford is here to help you figure it out! We've compiled this list of eight awesome gifts that any car-loving dad will love.


If your dad is a car guy, chances are he lives and breathes NASCAR. The Richard Petty Driving Experience in Brooklyn, MI is the gift of a lifetime. Remember all those times he took you go-kart racing? Now you can pay him back with his own spin around the track in a real NASCAR!

Learn more at Drive Petty.


For dads who drive a desk as much as they drive their cars, a Race Chair by Recaro is the perfect gift! These desk chairs are modeled after real racecar seats, and are just as comfortable!

Learn more at Recaro.


Shoes may not be on your mind of great gifts for your dad, but if he's a car guy and drives a stick shift (let's be honest, he taught you how), he'll love these! Piloti driving shoes are specifically made for heel-toe downshifting, and provide extra comfort and protection to the heel bone during.

Get them at Piloti.


These heating and cooling cushions from Viotek fit right on your dad's driver seat and feature a 12-volt port to keep him warm in the winter, and ventilated cooling for the summer. Perfect if your dad has a classic car with leather seats!

Get them at Viotek.


Your dad's car is his pride and joy (aside from you, of course), and you can never go wrong with getting him everything he needs to make it pretty! And protect it!

Get it at Amazon.


The most frustrating part of working on a car is not having the right tools handy, and you wouldn't want to do that to your dad! This mechanic tool set included both standard and metric tools, meaning he can tune up both foreign and domestic vehicles!

Get it at Amazon.


Dad might have a need for speed, but traffic laws require him to save it for the Milan Dragway. If your dad has a lead foot, get him a radar scanner! This one will alert him to nearby squad cars, speed traps, and even photo enforcement!

Get it at Amazon.


For the dad whose loves for working on cars doesn't stop when he leaves the garage, this DIY model engine kit is awesome! Once he builds it, the parts even move!

We hope you've found something on this list that your dad will love for Father's Day! While you're at it, why not schedule a service appointment with North Brothers Ford to make sure his car is in tip-top condition? We know he can fix it himself, but it's his day! He deserves a break!

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