Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Inspect Your Vehicle for the Fall Season

How to Inspect Your Vehicle for the Fall Season

WESTLAND, Mich. –– The summer is long gone and we’ve officially been thrust into fall, or maybe it’s best to say the season has descended upon us with its colorful falling leaves and autumnal aromas. It’s high time in Michigan to get lost in a corn maze, traverse through a pumpkin patch, and partake in as many cinnamon-sugar doughnuts and cider as possible.

But autumn is also a prime season to make sure your vehicle is as maintained as it should be. To ensure our customers are prepared to drive through the next few months and into winter, we wanted to share how to inspect your vehicle for the fall season. Follow these tips to enjoy the season without worrying that your vehicle isn’t in good shape.

Inspect Your Battery
The last thing you want to happen is for your batter to stop working. Considering that your batter is what allows your vehicle to run in the first place, it makes sense that you should check it on a regular basis. If your engine struggles to start or you notice other signs of old age like corrosion around the terminals, bring your vehicle to the certified service pros at North Bros. Our techs will test your battery and offer you the best replacement available if necessary.

Inspect Your Brakes
Fall means leaves, which means kids raking said leaves into huge piles, then proceeding to sprint and jump into them. In essence, fall is a season of kids playing outside. This is just one example of why it’s important for your vehicle to have high-functioning brakes that allow you to come to an immediate stop if necessary. Our brake techs can perform an ABS System Diagnosis and brake inspection for you if you notice these signs with your brakes: 

  • The brake system warning light turns on
  • The brake pedal is vibrating
  • An inconsistent brake performance
  • Your brake pedal feels soft or goes to the floor
  • There is a squealing or grinding sound when applying the brakes
  • You smell a burning odor
  • Metallic flakes are peeling off the brakes

Inspect Your Tires
It’s always dangerous driving on worn tires, but it’s especially hazardous in the fall when a heavy rain plasters a coating of dead leaves onto the streets. Conditions like this can cause your vehicle to slide without warning if your tires are too worn. If you notice your tires are balding, tread worn, or are causing your vehicle to easily slip in wet conditions, you might need a tire rotation or replacement. This fall, head to our factory-trained tire experts for any of these services:

  • Tire rotations
  • New tire installation
  • Tire mounting and balancing

Inspect Your Lamps and Bulbs
Despite its colorful exhibits throughout October and November, fall can turn out to be fairly bleak with plenty of gray skies. It gets dark early on in this season, so it’s important that your vehicle’s lamps and bulbs function at their best. You can check your vehicle’s lights to see if any are burnt out, then stop by North Bros for a quick replacement of your headlamp, tail lamp, or any interior cabin bulbs.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades
Autumn is a season of falling things –– acorns, leaves, those helicopters no one knows the actual name for –– that get stuck in the area above your vehicle’s hood, and then sometimes the rain decides to join in. Make sure your wipers are prepared to battle all of fall’s fallings so you can witness the beautiful foliage on the other side of your windshield.

Rather than worrying about the reoccurring issues with your vehicle, spend your time enjoying all Michigan has to offer this autumn. Take our advice on how to inspect your vehicle for the fall season and stop by our Dearborn dealer for the auto service you need.

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