Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ford Gives $2.1 Million to University of Michigan Battery Lab

Ford Gives $2.1 Million to University of Michigan Battery Lab
WESTLAND, Mich. - Ford gives $2.1 million to a University of Michigan Battery Lab, that is expected to help researchers test new battery prototypes for hybrid and electric vehicles. The way batteries are currently tested can be time consuming and costly, due to the fact that batteries are tested at the battery production site and then sold to automakers - more specifically, Ford Motor Company. If Ford decides to buy the batteries, they are tested at the Ford facility and then implemented into vehicle production.

Ford Gives $2.1 Million to University of Michigan Battery LabSince this process is so long and the battery goes through so many hands, development of the batteries are slowed down immensely and can become very costly. By creating a battery lab at the University of Michigan, battery manufacturers, researchers, and automakers will be able to come together and develop batteries quickly and more efficiently. It also gives automakers a chance to have input much earlier in the development process.

The goal for creating this lab is to develop batteries that are smaller, lighter, and less expensive to produce. The current batteries in hybrid and electric cars are made of expensive materials, which in turn, raises the price tag of the fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles. If Ford is able to find a less expensive way to produce batteries that are more efficient for your car, the price tag will see a decrease - something all Ford consumers will love!

Ford has given $2.1 million towards the University of Michigan lab, but other investors include the University of Michigan, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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