Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Get Ready for Back-to-School

WESTLAND, Mich.––The backpacks, school supplies, and clothes are taking heavy reign in stores, which means it's back-to-school. For children it might mean the end of a fun summer, whereas for adults it means a new schedule to adopt and extra effort to make everything go smoothly. You can buy all the supplies and start putting the kids to bed earlier, but what else can you do to get ready? We've got some tips on how to get ready for back-to-school that'll make the transition into the new school year a breeze for both you and the little ones!

1. Start eating meals around your future school schedule. 

How to Get Ready for Back-to-School

While it seems silly to start this ahead of time, it'll help your body adjust as a whole. This will especially help kids get into a good morning habit of eating breakfast, and doing it on time, so they're not eating on the run. It'll also help their tummies adjust to a different schedule so they're not gurgling out of hunger in the middle of class. You can take it one step further by creating a meal plan for the first week, or prepping with some freezer meals that'll make dinner easier!

2. Start a new sleep schedule two weeks prior to the start of school. 

How to Get Ready for Back-to-School

Did you know there's good and bad times to wakeup based on when you fall asleep? Your body sleeps in stages, and waking up in a deep-sleep stage can set the mood of tiredness for the rest of the day. To help your kids be the most focused in class, start a new sleep schedule based on the chart above as soon as possible so they're ready to roll when school starts back up. You can find a way to do this yourself by using this sleep calculator.

3. Review pick-up and drop-off procedures for before and after school. 

How to Get Ready for Back-to-School

Even if it's the same as last year, review when you'll leave the house in the morning, when you'll drop them off at school, and when you'll pick them up at the end of the day. If you're not the driver, make sure you have the correct bus or carpool schedule, and review with your student. Get them as familiar as possible with the schedule so there's no running after the bus in the morning, and so you can rest easy.

4. Talk to your student regarding their feelings of going back-to-school.

How to Get Ready for Back-to-School

You might remember your feelings about going back to school, or going for the first time. Were you anxious? nervous? excited? Making a note to talk about your kids about going to school and their feelings about doing so may make the process easier. It'll give you insight on what steps to take. If you have a nervous student, you can take extra time to prepare their day with them, or help find them an activity or group to join that'll help them have fun and relax with their peers. Simply talking to your student will help them get in the mindset, and allow them to ask questions or for help if they need it.

5. Schedule times for doing homework and physical activities.

How to Get Ready for Back-to-School

Physical activities must be done just as much as homework. There should be a fine balance of these things throughout your child's day. You can help by establishing a time and place homework should be done, preferably when you're available for help. You can also help to establish a time for physical activity by getting your student involved in extracurricular sports or even neighborhood groups. Setting a time for these things will allow your student to not feel limited to one or the other and will help them learn time management.

No matter where your kids are headed this year, we hope these tips on how to get ready for back-to-school will help your entire family be prepared for the transition. If your students won't be using the bus to get to school, you'll want to make sure you have a safe and entertaining ride for getting to and from school! This could mean taking care of routine maintenance like with filters and fluids so your family is always safe on the road, reviewing our Dashboard Warning Light Guide so you're prepared for any situation, or it could mean taking a second look at your Ford SYNC to see what it can do to make your mornings a little better! It might even mean you need a new or certified pre-owned car. We'll help you and your family find just what you need at your budget. If it's service you need, we can help with that too. Make sure to check out our coupons page to see how you can save.

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