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A Comprehensive Dashboard Light Guide Courtesy of North Brothers Ford

WESTLAND, Mich.––Have you ever been driving and noticed a small red, white, yellow, or blue symbol light show up on your dashboard? Have you ever been confused as to why that little light showed up and what it means? We've all been there, but with this comprehensive dashboard light guide courtesy of North Brothers Ford, you'll no longer be wondering. The new page on our website contains pictures and explanations of each dashboard light that you might see show up. Let's briefly review what information we cover on the page.

A Comprehensive Dashboard Light Guide Courtesy of North Brothers Ford

Vehicle Performance Light Meanings & What To Do

Your vehicle relies on many different components to run, so when one of those components isn't working as it should, a light will typically show up on your dashboard. This could be anything from a generic Check Engine light to a Brake System light. These lights usually mean your vehicle should be serviced or inspected as soon as possible to avoid further damage or a disabled vehicle all together. On this section of the page we go over each of the following lights:

-Check Engine Light
-Battery Light
-Engine Oil Light
-Brake System Light
-Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Light
-Electric Park Brake Light
-Engine Coolant Temperature Light
-Low Fuel Level Light
-Low Tire Pressure Warning Light
-Powertrain Fault Light

Optional Feature Lights & What They Mean

 Whatever vehicle you drive, chances are you have features special to your make and model. For instance, some newer Ford vehicles come with adaptive cruise control or other advanced safety features. In this section on the page, we cover all the possible lights you might see that relate to optional features. We go over the following lights:

-Adaptive Cruise Contol
-Auto Start Stop Indicator
-Blind Spot Monitor Indicator
-Cruise Control Light
-Heads Up Display Indicator
-Lane Keeping Aid Indicator
-Stability Control Light

Standard Notification Lights & What They Mean

While you think of a warning light as a bad thing, there are lights that are simply there to indicate if something is on or off, open or close, etc. In this section we go over all the standard notification lights you might see on your dashboard. Some of these lights require immediate action, some do not, but most of these lights don't mean you need service. On this section of the page we cover these lights:

-Turn Signal Indicator
-Door Ajar Indicator
-Hood Ajar Indicator
-Trunk Ajar Indicator
-Fasten Safety Belt Indicator
-Front Airbag Indicator
-Front Fog Lights Indicator
-High Beam Lights Indicator

This comprehensive dashboard light guide courtesy of North Brothers Ford isn't just a list to tell you what each light means, but it's to also tell you what to do or what not to do when you see each light! Your safety means a lot to us and we want to help you stay safe on the road. While knowing what these lights means is important, so is routine maintenance to help and avoid seeing some of these warning lights on your dashboard. Staying up to date on maintenance is as simple as reading through our seasonal maintenance pages, and our routine maintenance pages, like the Filters and Fluids pages. We're here to help, not just over the internet, but in person, too! Stop by our dealership where our team will help you find a new or used vehicle at your budget, help you maintain your car with auto service, and answer any vehicle question you might have, including Ford SYNC questions. Whatever your vehicle need, we can help!

If you're in need of any auto service, you can conveniently schedule your appointment check-in time online or by giving us a call. We have a well equipped Service Center and Collision Center, able to take care of anything you need on any make and model. We also offer service coupons you can take advantage of to save a little bit of cash!

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