Thursday, August 25, 2016

2017 Ford Escape and Fusion Will Offer A Better Listening Experience

WESTLAND, Mich.––Whether it's the static on the radio, the road noise, or simply low-quality speakers in your car, it's annoying and it can really downgrade your overall driving experience. If you've ever been driving through a downtown or mountainous area and your radio all the sudden cuts out, you might want to listen up (pun intended) to what Ford has to say. The 2017 Ford Escape and Fusion will offer a better listening experience with improved radio reception, better quality audio, and improved cabin acoustics.

2017 Ford Escape and Fusion Will Offer A Better Listening Experience
It doesn't matter if you're listening to an audiobook, a metal music album, or your favorite FM station, your sound quality is important to you. Because driving requires full attention on the road, we lean towards audio stimulation for entertainment. In fact, 93% of Americans listen to the radio weekly, which is more so than smart phones or TV. Thanks to Ford, and their wonderful habit of innovating for customer satisfaction, the 2017 Ford Escape and 2017 Ford Fusion will come available with the following items:

-An industry first dual reception radio system for HD radio
-Digital audio bus technology
-Sony audio systems
-Acoustic laminated glass (in the Fusion)

The dual reception radio system includes a two receivers, one of which is on the rear-window heater grid. Having two receivers helps eliminate or reduce interference, because the frequency is received twice. This technology is especially helpful in cities and certain landscapes, like the mountains, which are notorious for bouncing radio signals. It's also helpful because the secondary receiver will determine which FM radio signal is the strongest, or most reliable, and will switch to whichever signal that is.
2017 Ford Escape and Fusion Will Offer A Better Listening Experience

 2017 Ford Escape and Fusion Will Offer A Better Listening Experience

Digital audio bus technology delivers high-fidelity sound. The acoustic laminated glass, available in the Fusion, comes together with the digital audio bus technology to create a smooth sound by blocking road noise. The 2017 Ford Fusion with acoustic laminated glass provides more cabin quietness than the 2016 Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. The number of speakers on the Fusion Hybrid S and Hybrid SE are increasing from six to nine. The Hybrid and Energi models include the Active Noise Control feature which sends out sound waves that cancel out sounds like engine and wind noise.

“These changes are the result of listening to feedback from dozens of listeners over hundreds of hours,” said Alan Norton, senior technical leader for Ford audio systems. “It’s all about attention to detail. By improving radio reception and taking other steps to improve sound quality and acoustics, we aim to give customers the consistent, enjoyable sound they deserve. In many cases, the best audio systems our customers have are in their vehicles. We don’t want them to settle for low sound quality.”

Ford is all about innovation and bringing higher-quality products and feature offerings to their customers. Whether it be a new sedan, the 2017 Ford Fusion, or a AWD capable crossover, the 2017 Ford Escape, there's a perfect Ford vehicle out there for you. At North Brothers Ford we can help you find the perfect vehicle, with quality audio-centric entertainment options through Ford SYNC, for your needs and budget. You can conveniently schedule a test-drive online on any of our vehicles.

Not sure whether you should buy or lease? We've developed a Buying vs. Leasing comparison guide plus a detailed break-down of the process on each option that you can check out on our How to Buy and How to Lease pages. If you already have a vehicle and want to keep it looking and running its best, make sure to check out our comprehensive Dashboard Warning Light Guide Routine Maintenance and Seasonal Maintenance pages on our website for tips and information.

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