Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to Check Your Brakes During Brake Safety Awareness Month

How to Check Your Brakes During Brake Safety Awareness Month

WESTLAND, Mich.––This August is dedicated to brake safety. While they may not always be on your routine maintenance schedule, they should be! Your brakes may only need to be replaced every once and a while, depending on your driving style and frequency of use, but they can be easily inspected to ensure your safety on the road. There are also signs you can look out for in the case your brakes have a problem or need replacing. Below we'll tell you how to check your brakes during Brake Safety Awareness Month because we care about your safety on the road!

First off, let's go over how brakes work! Although it may seem simple, it's a system made of many parts and has the big job of stopping or slowing down your moving car. Your brakes use hydraulic pressure so a simple press of your brake pedal can be transferred into pressure on the brake rotors. Check out the video below for a visual example of brakes in action.

Now we'll go over some signs you may be having brake issues:

-You hear squealing or grinding while braking. If you hear grinding, don't wait any longer for a service appointment because your brakes are too worn and won't be able to effectively stop the car. A squealing noise may not need immediate service, but will need attention soon. Your brakes are designed to make that noise to indicate that the pads need changing.

-Your brakes feel soft when you press. Are your brakes taking more pressure to stop? Or does the brake feel 'soft' or 'spongy'? This could mean your brake fluid needs replacing. You'll want to get your car into our Service Center as soon as possible!

-Your dashboard brake warning light is on. Even if you don't feel or hear anything strange when applying your brakes, you'll still need to have them inspected. The sensor on your brake detected something in order to make the light turn on. Check out our new Dashboard Warning Light Guide for a full run down of all your dash lights, what they mean, and what to do when one lights up.

-Your steering wheel shakes when you brake. This could mean you have warped brake rotors. The uneven surface of the rotors is what causes the shaking when you brake. If the shaking is intense enough to disrupt your driving, it's time to schedule a service appointment as soon as possible. Your brake rotors will need to be replaced eventually, so it's a good idea to have them inspected even if the shaking is minimal.

-Your brakes are visibly shedding metallic flakes. This is a clear sign your brakes are wearing quickly. If you see flakes near your brakes, have them inspected to ensure your brakes structural integrity on the road.

Testing your brakes is as simple as using them and paying attention! You can otherwise check with your eyes. Most vehicles allow you to see the brake pad through the wheel. If the brake pad looks too thin, think less than .25", then it most likely needs replacement. Some brake pads have a wear indicator slot in the middle. If the slot looks like it's not there, then it most likely needs replacement. If you need help checking your brakes or would like a more thorough inspection, we'd be happy to do so at your next oil change at North Brothers!

We want to ensure you have a reliable vehicle that can get you from point A to point B without compromising your safety. This all depends on the routine maintenance you do on your vehicle, and we're here to help make that happen. We'll not only show you how to check your brakes during Brake Safety Awareness Month, but also provide you help on everything else. We regularly update our website with helpful information and tips about routine and seasonal maintenance. Plus, you can schedule your service appointment online, so your entire routine maintenance experience is easy. We're always here to help and answer any questions you might have regarding brake service or any other auto service you might need. Don't forget to check our coupons page for ways to help you save on auto service at North Brothers.

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