Friday, September 4, 2015

Tips to Help You Grill Safely on Labor Day

Tips to Help You Grill Safely on Labor Day

WESTLAND, Mich. –– Labor Day celebrates your work ethic, so you should spend it relaxing instead of using the tiny fire extinguisher you've stored under your sink for 10 years to douse 6-foot tongues of flame flaring up from your grill. To prevent incidents like this from occurring, when all you want to do is brown a few New York strip steaks, follow these tips to help you grill safely on Labor Day.

  • Keep your grill clean. You should frequently take a grill brush to the racks and clean off the residual fat and char from previous barbecues. These substances are flammable, and when they build up overtime they become like a dry pine forest in a wildfire. Don’t forget to clean the tray below your grill, another area where flammable residue accumulates.

  • Don’t leave your grill unattended. How many times have you done this? You just need to slip inside for a second to chop the green peppers or use the bathroom; nothing precarious will happen with my grill, you think to yourself. But leaving your grill unattended is a huge risk. It only takes a few seconds for flames to get out of hand, and if you’re inside it could be too late. Always have someone keep an eye on your grill.

  • Don’t grill too close to home. Despite forewarnings, many people still grill too close to their homes and on decks. Your grill shouldn’t be practically up against your home, nor should you grill on a flammable surface like a deck. It’s safer to lay a few pavers in a designated area away from your home and deck and grill there. This greatly decreases the risk of grill flames causing a rather heated situation.

  • Properly dispose of charcoal. Despite the dominance of propane, you might prefer to use a classic charcoal grill. But these grills also pose a danger if safety protocol is neglected. You need to properly dispose of charcoal after you’re done grilling. Wait for the coals to cool, then dump them in a metal container before disposing of them completely. The other option is to let the coals burn to an ashen or frail enough state that they can be broken up and dumped somewhere, but the former is recommended for environmental reasons.

  • Don’t ignore the smell of propane or gas. Before you ignite your grill, check for leaks in the hose that attaches the propane tank. If you smell gas, shut off your grill and step away. If the odor persists, don't start your grill. Detach the propane tank and refrain from grilling until you purchase and install a new hose.

  • If your grill’s flames go out, it could be an omen. If you're using a propane-powered grill, it’s no trivial matter if the flames suddenly dissipate. If you catch this right away, turn off your grill and wait 30 seconds before reigniting it. But if your grill has been closed for a few minutes and the flames are out when you open it, it could be a sign of trouble. This means the propane has been pooling in your grill the entire time, and if you ignite your grill all of that propane could cause an explosion. Don’t excuse extinguished flames as a mysterious phenomenon where the answer is to simply reignite your grill. Instead, wait 15 minutes with your grill lid open, and then make another ignition attempt. If it ignites, watch the flames for a few minutes to make sure they don't go out again.

You want to enjoy your day off and arrive to work free of injuries the following morning. Enjoy the holiday and before you bring out the tongs and assorted meats, take into account these tips to help you grill safely on Labor Day.

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