Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ford to Teach Teens Safe Driving Techniques

Ford to Teach Teens Safe Driving Techniques

WESTLAND, Mich.­– Automotive innovation and technology, city planning, strategizing for the global future– after doing so much outside of manufacturing vehicles, one might ask what more Ford could do.

It looks like the next logical step is for Ford to teach teens safe driving techniques at the first ever Driving Skills for Life summer camp, which will tour six states beginning on July 7, in Fargo, N.D. before travelling to Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming into August. Each camp stop will be a total of four half-day sessions that include a DSFL curriculum of vehicle handling, hazard recognition, speed management and space management.

The six states chosen for the Driving Skills for Life summer camp ranked highest for high school teens ages 16 years or older to drink and drive, and, according to the CDC, teen drivers are three times more likely than experienced drivers to die in a motor vehicle accident, also the biggest cause of death for American teens.

Ford is partnering with the Governors Highway Safety Association to run the DSFL summer camp tour during a time of the year when teens are most likely to get in accidents. Giving teen drivers the knowledge they need to drive safe during a season of heightened accidents could be a strategic move to decrease teen driving accidents.

No one asked Ford to teach teens safe driving techniques, but the company has carved out time to imbue teens with knowledge like how you should handle your vehicle on slick pavement or what you can do if an object or animal suddenly comes into view in front of your moving vehicle. Ford will also cover the dangers of driving under the influence by letting teens experience simulated impairment through goggles and a special suit.

Teens are the focus of DSFL, but Ford wants parents to come out with their teens as well. No matter what age or how experience you are as a driver, you can always learn something new or correct bad driving habits through activities like hands-on ride-and-drive courses and helpful classroom material like that offered by Ford with DSFL.

Although DSFL won’t be in our area, we’re happy to see Ford branching out and spending time in states that need a little extra help getting their teens to drive safe. While Ford has produced vehicles that receive top-government safety ratings like the 2015 Ford Edge, their presence in so many other areas outside of manufacturing makes us appreciate the New Ford Cars and New Ford Trucks at our Garden City Area Ford Dealer even more!

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