Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ford Headlight Technology Will Make Driving At Night Safer

Ford Headlight Technology Will Make Driving At Night Safer

WESTLAND, Mich. –– Driving at night can be a mysterious experience riddled with anxiety as you scan the limited stretch of illuminated road in front of your vehicle for late night joggers, dog walkers, or the naïve deer loping across a four-lane highway.

Thankfully, you’ll soon be unburdened of that stress and Ford headlight technology will make driving at night safer with the automaker’s Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System and Spot Lighting. These new technologies stem from Ford’s advanced Adaptive Front Lighting System and Traffic Sign Recognition available in current Ford models.

Ford’s Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System broadens your headlight beams at crossroads and roundabouts to expose normally unobservable objects that lie outside of your vehicle’s path at night. The system also predicts bends and depressions in a road via GPS, and allows your headlights to adjust their beams accordingly.

Unfortunately, the powers of GPS can be fickle –– connections are lost, maps are frozen –– but Ford has a backup plan. A forward-facing video camera in the rear-view mirror base discerns lane markings and anticipates the contours of a road, then stockpiles that information for next time. Even if GPS fails you, Ford headlight technology will make driving at night safer. 

Ford’s Spot Lighting gives you a heads up about objects in your vehicle’s path or just outside it using an infrared camera in your vehicle’s grille. The camera can identify and track up to eight people or large animals from a distance of 360 feet.

In addition, the system spotlights hazards on the road with a spot and stripe on the road illuminated by two LED lamps beside the fog lights. The spotlighted objects are signified by a red or yellow box on your vehicle’s dash screen according to their proximity to you.

For now Ford’s headlight technology is still under development and testing in Europe, but it’s obvious that these systems will increase your safety once they’re road-ready. You may already pay extra attention to the road when the sun goes down, but in reality you're never fully aware of your surroundings at night, a time when hazards lurk behind sudden curves or on the dark edge of a road. 

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