Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tips For Driving Safely Around Deer

WESTLAND, Mich.––In Michigan, it's easy to look around and see all sorts of live nature, including animals. Even in the suburbs it's not hard to find animals of all kinds, including deer. While they're interesting to watch from your window, they can be dangerous, especially on the side of the road. This time of year is prime for deer and vehicle collisions in Michigan. In fact, Michigan is at high-risk, according to Statefarm, for collision with deer. We're here to provide you some tips for driving safely around deer!

Tips For Driving Safely Around Deer

Understanding deer is a difficult, and many times we don't know what action they'll take when you encounter them. Why they run out onto the road or why they stand and stare blankly at your headlights can seem like a mystery, but there are some general rules of thumb you can follow.

-Deer breed October through January each year and are most active during this time. This is when deer and vehicle collision chances are most high, so keep this in mind when you're on the move this fall and winter. 

-Deer typically hangout around open fields and wooded areas, but may come through to the suburbs or close to the road to forage for food. 

-Deer are most active during dawn and dusk. This makes them hard to see, so pay extra attention.

-Deer tend to fixate on bright lights. If you encounter one on the road who's blankly staring and not moving, flick your high beams on and off to grab their attention and hopefully scare them off. 

-Deer always travel in herds and very rarely alone, so if you see one, you can expect there to be others around. It's important to slow down even if the one you saw ran away. 

We want you to stay safe all year long on the road and hope these tips for driving safely around deer help you do so. Unfortunately collisions do happen with deer. In fact, it's better to hit the deer than to swerve and risk worse injuries. If you experience a collision with a deer, you can feel a slight peace of mind bringing your car to our North Brothers Collision Center because we work with all major insurance companies, have excellent expert auto technicians, and use state of the art equipment.

You can schedule a collision appointment online or by giving us a call. We'll walk you through what fixes need to be made, and will have you back on the road in no time. We always want to provide you a transparent, convenient, and positive experience because our community is family to us! To stay the most safe on the road this season and beyond, use our Fall Car Care tips and have us take care of any routine vehicle maintenance or inspections.

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