Friday, June 26, 2015

New Ford MoDe:Flex Electric Bike Makes City Living Easy

New Ford MoDe:Flex Electric Bike Makes City Living Easy

WESTLAND, Mich. –– Urban dwelling is making a comeback, and Ford Motor Co. is searching outside the bounds of its automotive territory for solutions that could improve livability in places with swelling populations. The new Ford MoDe:Flex electric bike makes city living easy and is one of the automaker's most impressive answers to the transportation dilemma of owning or driving a vehicle in an urban setting. The newest Ford eBike and its prototype smartphone app make daily travel, such as commuting to and from work, feasible in a metropolis.

As Ford’s third and most functional eBike, MoDe:Flex has the ability to adjust to customers’ specific needs. The center frame assembly consists of a motor and battery to assist riders, and the front and rear assemblies and wheels can be adjusted for road, mountain, or city riding. The bike folds to fit inside any Ford vehicle where it can charge while stowed, making transportation easy for those who drive into a city for work –– or play –– but prefer to get around by bike while in town.

Similar to the MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro eBikes Ford debuted in March 2015,  the new Ford MoDe:Flex electric bike makes city living easy by syncing with the MoDe:Link app on an eBike rider’s smartphone. The app forwards important information concerning weather, congestion, parking prices, time, traffic, and public transportation to ensure the journey is efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

A new extension of MoDe:Link for the smartwatch puts all of this real-time data and functionality on an eBike rider’s wrist, and includes features like the no-sweat mode, which boosts electric pedal assist based on the rider’s heart rate and keeps them sweat-free. Other functions of the MoDe:Link smartwatch extension include safety notifications such as vibrating handlebars and beeping to indicate upcoming obstructions or hazards, such as potholes, in the rider’s path.

Ford is also experimenting with ways MoDe:Flex could act as a data receptacle. Sensors installed on the bike could collect data on traffic and pedestrian patters, and road conditions to help city officials develop better bike lanes through urban landscapes, while riders could benefit from insights on the best or worst routes to take.

Ford’s development of the MoDe:Flex eBike may seem peculiar coming from a company that initiated automotive mass production. But when you think about Ford's goal to develop technologies and transportation that drive humanity down better roads, it makes sense why it would create room in its project space for two-wheeled transit. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll sell eBikes on the same lot as the New Ford Vehicles and Used Vehicles at our Westland Ford Dealership.

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