Monday, August 19, 2013

Safety Tips For Getting Kids Back-To-School

Safety Tips For Getting Kids Back-To-School
WESTLAND, Mich. - The days are getting shorter and the summer is ending - this can only mean that school is around the corner. With so many buses on the road and children flooding the streets in school zones, many people forget the safety rules and laws regarding schools, buses, and more. That's why we've gathered some safety tips for getting kids back-to-school.

  1. Obey the school bus. When a bus has its red lights on, or has a stop arm out, it is illegal to pass. Unless you are on a divided highway, you must wait until the lights have shut off or the arm has folded back. These lights and signs are to make drivers aware that children are getting on or off the bus. Many school buses now have cameras installed meaning that if you disregard the school bus, the camera will catch you and the bus driver will be able to forward your information to the police.
  2. If your kids don't ride the bus, practice walking to school. Especially if you have children that are under the age of 12! By walking the children to school, you can make sure they are taking the safest route and also ensure that they are following all the rules concerning when to cross, where to cross, and looking both ways. 33% of youth pedestrian crashes are caused by children darting out into the road - this is especially common if kids are walking with their friends and perhaps not paying close attention to their surroundings. So take the time to remind your kids to cross at corners and/or marked crosswalks - never between parked cars.
  3. Be aware of school zones. In Michigan, the typical speed limit is anywhere between 15 mph-25 mph in a school zone, so be aware that you will need to slow down. You should also be aware of the hours that the school zone is enforced. Some zones continue until 7 p.m. or later due to after school activities.
  4. Make your kids aware of strangers. If your kids don't take the bus home, teach them about getting into cars with strangers. It's good for your child to know exactly what to do should a stranger offer them a ride. Also, if you are not able to pick them up and therefore must have someone else give them a ride, communicate with your children that someone other than you will be picking them up.
It's important for you and your family to be safe, both inside and outside the vehicle - that's why we've given you these safety tips for getting kids back-to-school. We can also help you into a safer, more reliable vehicle at our Northville Area Ford Dealer. We have a wide selection of New Ford Trucks and Certified Pre-Owned Cars For Sale, meaning you're sure to find a vehicle that you'll love.

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