Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ford Escape Gets Recycled Plastic Bottle Interior

Ford Escape Gets Recycled Plastic Bottle Interior
WESTLAND, Mich. - Ford Motor Company is continually evolving and become more green in every aspect. That's why the Ford Escape is getting a recycled plastic bottle interior - sort of. Ford will be using recycled plastic bottles and other recycled materials to create various parts of the vehicle.

It's been calculated that the U.S. consumes 1500 plastic water bottles every second. The Ford Escape would use 25 of those bottles to make the carpeting of each vehicle - which at the rate that water bottles are consumed, each person could recycle enough bottles in one year to provide carpeting for 15 new Escapes. Ford has reported that since the Escape went on sale, nearly 7 million water bottles have been kept out of the landfill.

Before the plastic bottles, or any other recycled material, makes it into the interior of your car, it is put through rigorous durability testing. One test that is used is called a Taber 5150 which puts about 5-10 years of wear on carpet in about 10 minutes. After extensive testing, the recycled plastic bottles actually helped reduce wear significantly. A material is only used if it is the best meaning you get only the best quality.

The Ford Escape is getting a recycled plastic bottle interior, but it's not the only one. Many cars will have recycled parts as Ford expands its effort to stay green. If you'd like to see what recycled materials are currently in our cars, stop by our Northville Area Ford Dealer today! Our specialists can go over all the details with you, no matter if you're interested in a New Ford Truck or New Ford Car.

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