Monday, August 26, 2013

Million Dollar Ford GTR1 Produces 1,024-Horsepower

Million Dollar Ford GTR1 Produces 1,024-Horsepower
WESTLAND, Mich. - Some names, such as Ford, become so great and influential that they become household names. The name Beau Boeckmann has recently become pretty popular, as the man behind the name has just built a million dollar Ford GTR1 that produces 1,024-horsepower. 

Million Dollar Ford GTR1 Produces 1,024-HorsepowerBoeckmann runs the performance side of the nation's largest Ford dealership, Galpin Motors, in Los Angeles. He says he had a recurring question run through his head: what would have happened if Ford had continued developing the Ford GT? Instead of waiting for an answer, Boeckmann decided to answer it for himself.

Taking the GT, which was only produced from 2004 to 2006, Boeckmann redesigned and revamped the super-car, making it a vehicle with a vast amount of power beneath its shiny exterior. The Ford GTR1 (also called the Galpin Ford GTR1) has a twin-turbocharged engine that produces 1,024 horsepower and a six-speed manual transmission. The horsepower has been increased substantially from the 550 horsepower in the supercharged original.

Million Dollar Ford GTR1 Produces 1,024-HorsepowerAs for the GTR1's appearance, it's been updated quite a bit since the last model - not to mention, this fast machine comes with newer, stronger brakes. As for the price tag, this car won't come cheap. If you'd like to buy a GTR1, it will cost you more than $1 million.

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