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Ford Trend Report Reveals Consumer Priority Change in 2014

Ford Trend Report Reveals Consumer Priority Change in 2014
WESTLAND, Mich - According to the results from Ford's second annual trend report, consumer priorities are set to change in 2014. Consumers are reevaluating their relationship with technology,  creating a balance between the need of being constantly plugged in with a new appreciation for spending quality time off-line.

The Looking Further with Ford 2014 report discussed the 10 global trends for the new year and how the technology outburst will affect consumer decisions and behaviors. The top trend for 2014 is Innovation's Quiet Riot. This trend explores whether or not people will continue to try to keep up with an "always-on" society and fear missing, or if they will begin to spend more time enjoying the moments with friends, family, and community, free of technological distraction.

With the ability to understand customers and their evolving needs, Ford can adapt these factors into their accelerated growth plan and new vehicle development. Consumer trends direct Ford's product strategies and development of vehicles. With this, Ford can exceed customer expectations and connect with constant changes of society.

Here is the list of the top 10 trends for 2014. Which one of these trends will you find yourself following?

1. Innovations Quiet Riot - Rapid innovation is becoming more established worldwide and changing the way we work, play, and communicate with one another.

2. Old School - Consumers enjoy how things used to be and find a connection with products, brands, and experiences that bring back those memories.

3. Meaningful vs the Middle Man - Looking for more intimate connections with retailers and service providers. Consumers want stories of identity and meaning in their products and services.

4. Statusphere - Consumers are expanding the ways to show their wealth both publicly and secretly.

5. Vying for Validation - Forms of digital and public expression are created by consumers, which may need more validation than their true self

6. Fear of Missing Out / Joy of Missing Out: It is is a tug of war between consumers taking advantage of everything at their disposal and being mindful of focusing on what matters most.

7. Micro Moments - With endless information at our disposal, every moment of downtime can be filled with more facts, education, and entertainment.

8. Myth of Multitasking - Evidence is showing that when we do everything at once, we sacrifice quality and safety of each thing we do.

9. Female Frontier - Women and men will redefine roles and responsibilities in 2014! Roles of women have reached new importance and demographic shifts are changing household dynamics.

10. Sustainability Blues: With the world working on going green, the attention is shifting beyond just recycling and eco-chic living to a growing concern for the importance of the plant's water.

To see the entire Ford trend report revealing the changes in consumer's priority for year 2014, click here. Do you think your habits as a consumer will begin to change in the year 2014? At North Brothers Ford, we will continue our habit to work hard to provide the best experience possible for our customers! Are you looking for a new Ford vehicle to drive into the new year? We have plenty of options for you at our Wayne County Area Ford Dealership. North Brothers Ford is happy to serve those in Wayne County and surrounding areas! Stop by the dealership today to find the Ford you have been searching for.

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