Monday, January 21, 2013

Vehicle Warning Light Explanations

Vehicle Warning Light ExplanationsWESTLAND, Mich.- Since the first time you ever got behind the wheel, you've probably experienced your Vehicle's Warning Lights turning on a time or two. Sometimes the reason why your Vehicle's Warning Light goes off is not so straightforward so were here to help you out with a basic Explanation of Vehicle Warning Lights!

Service Engine Light-
Don't panic, if your Service Engine Light turns on it usually means that you need to maintenance your vehicle soon. So no need to race to your local Auto Service Garage, but be proactive and make a service appointment as soon as you can. The technicians at your service center will reset the Service Engine Light once your vehicle has received maintenance.

Battery Light-
If your Vehicle's Battery Light ever goes off, you should be a little more concerned. If the Battery Light stays on, get your vehicle serviced right away since the light may indicate that your vehicle's electrical system may have malfunctioned. Ignoring your Battery Warning Light could lead to engine failure.

Check Engine Light-
One of the more confusing Vehicle Warning Lights, you Check Engine Warning Light may not have a straightforward answer. The Check Engine Light could be warning you about a variety of issues,  as simple as not tightening your gas cap enough or it could indicate a more serious issue. Address the issue quickly, with an OBD2 diagnostic tool to read the fault code, or visit your local service garage and they can identify the issue for a small fee, or sometimes even for free!

Oil Warning Light-
Don't waste any time when your Oil Warning Light turns on, get your vehicle serviced ASAP! Usually the Oil Warning Light means that your vehicle's oil pressure is low. If you ignore this warning you could cause your engine to malfunction or be completely ruined.

Coolant Warning Light-
If your Coolant Warning Light goes off, pull over immediately. The Coolant Warning Light most likely means that your your coolant is low and the engine's temperature has exceeded the safe maximum. This causes accelerated wear on your vehicle's engine and can completely fry the engine if it is not addressed immediately. However, do not try to open the hood if you notice steam, let the engine cool off first.

Brake Warning Lights-
The Brake Warning Light meaning depends on your specific vehicle, so check your owner's manual for the exact meaning. For ABS-equipped vehicles, the ABS Warning Light indicates that something is wrong with the system so you should have it checked out immediately. If the light is blinking, the situation is more serious and could mean that your brakes are dead or dying.

Your Ford Auto Service Center in Westland wants to keep safe out on the road, so let us help you understand what your Vehicle's Warning Lights mean and what actions you should take. Don't forget that you can save on vehicle maintenance with our Oil Change Coupons and Brake Service Coupons.

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