Friday, January 25, 2013

Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car

Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car
WESTLAND, Mich.- When you notice something isn't quite right with your vehicle, like that odd noise or that persistent Vehicle Warning Light, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Ignoring even the tiniest sign of vehicle trouble can cost you big bucks down the road. We know that getting your vehicle serviced is probably not your favorite thing to do, but it is better than committing these Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car that will cost you later.

Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car:
Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car1. Procrastinating recommended, scheduled, or overdue maintenance on your vehicle.

2. Ignoring the Check Engine light. Learn what can happen when you ignore your Vehicle Warning Lights.

3. Not changing your oil on time, or worse, not changing it at all. Service technicians will tell you that ignoring oil changes is the single most damaging vehicle maintenance item that drivers neglect.

4. Forgetting to check your tire pressure, especially as the seasons change.

5. Neglecting coolant, brake, transmission and other fluid services. Again, find out what damage you can cause by ignoring your Vehicle Warning Lights.

Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car6. Ignoring warning signs that your vehicle is overheating, and continuing to drive. Did your Coolant Warning Light turn on? Don't ignore it!

7. Forgetting to change your vehicle's fuel and air filters.

8. Taking your vehicle to an unqualified or reliable service center for maintenance.

9. Trying to save a few pennies with generic aftermarket parts instead of using the original equipment manufacturer quality parts.

10. Attempting to do it yourself. If you aren't completely comfortable servicing your own vehicle, bring it in to North Brothers Ford Quick Lane service center.

Check out your owners manual to learn more about all of your vehicle's recommended maintenance and keep these Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car in mind so that you can avoid car trouble later down the road. As always, North Brothers Ford is here to help so don't worry if you're not an expert on vehicle maintenance. Not only will you save in the long run, but you can save today with our Oil Change Coupons and Brake Service Coupons.

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