Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why the Mustang Fits "Need for Speed" Role Perfectly

Why the Mustang Fits "Need for Speed" Role Perfectly
WESTLAND, Mich - Scott Waugh, director of the upcoming film "Need for Speed", describes the Ford Mustang as "a car that represents American culture at its best" and the "ideal action movie hero car". Is it because of its perfect lines and eye-pleasing exterior? It doesn't hurt. Could it be the its unbeatable amount of horsepower and great handling capabilities? Possibly. There are plenty of reasons why the  Mustang fits the "Need for Speed" role perfectly and the audience will be able to see and feel them all in theaters on March 14th.

Following in his father's footsteps, Scott Waugh knows what it takes to create a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding action scene. His work history includes many vehicle-focused films such as "Speed" and "The Italian Job" as well as time as a veteran stunt driver coordinator. Waugh's main focus is to appeal to the audience's eyes and ears, which takes a specific car to execute effectively. According to Waugh, the best movie cars have tons of power, rear-wheel drive, awesome handling and the capabilities to be easily flung around corners - what better choice than the Ford Mustang?

The Mustang GT will be the central mount for main character Toby Marshall - portrayed by Emmy-award winner Aaron Paul - and then we should eventually see the transition to the 2015 Ford Mustang. The ultimate goal of Ford and the film makers is for the movie to bring the audience excitement about what automobiles are all about and the passion that goes along with it. For decades the Mustang has brought people feelings of freedom and optimism; which are qualities that perfectly parallel to the main character Toby's story.

You can see for yourself why the Mustang fits the "Need for Speed" role perfectly as soon as the film hits theaters on March 14th. To see some behind-the-scenes work of the new Mustang in "Need for Speed" check out the video below: 

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