Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ford F-150 Gets In Shape With the Help of Hefty Men

WESTLAND, Mich. - Ford Motor Company is known for rigorously testing and retesting its vehicles, simply to make sure that they produce the highest quality automobiles on the market. However, Ford has taken the testing to a new, more hilarious, level by enlisting large men to test the durability of the Ford F-150's leather-wrapped truck seats.

With the help of hefty men, the 2015 Ford F-150 is getting into shape before its release date later this year. Ford hired a select group of men that weighed 265 pounds or more, and asked them to dress up in dirty jeans and other rough apparel. These men were then paid anywhere from $60-$70 a day to simply climb in and out of the driver's seat 10,000 times per truck.

Ford F-150 Gets In Shape With the Help of Hefty Men

This interesting way of testing was meant to see how well the 2015 Ford F-150 could withstand consistent beating and punishment from hard working truck drivers. After having these seat testers climb in and out of the truck for about a week in scorching heat, Ford was able to create leather seats that weigh a combined 30 pounds less than the current seats and are made of higher-strength steel and tougher leather. Despite being lighter than previous models, these seats are designed to withstand wear and tear from the heftiest and grimiest truck drivers imaginable.

While the Ford F-150 gets in to shape with the help of hefty men, we'll be preparing our lot for the 2015 model so it will be ready in time for the release date later this year. Until then, feel free to stop by our dealership and check out the current Ford F-150 or take it for a test drive! 

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