Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deliciously Easy After School Snacks

Deliciously Easy After School Snacks
WESTLAND, Mich. - School is back in session which means kids will be trying to adjust to the long school days and will be coming home ravenous. Instead of reaching for the potato chips and goldfish, we have a few deliciously easy after school snacks that are both healthy and easy to make.

Deliciously Easy After School Snacks Fruits and veggies are the best snacks for kids, since they are healthy and can taste great if prepared correctly. Unfortunately, most kids will avoid the fresh produce and go for a chip bag or a candy bar. That's why we've found a couple of ways to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies - by adding something sweet!

Chocolate banana pops are delicious and easy, just simply cut your banana, stick a wooden handle in each piece, dip it in melted chocolate and freeze! When frozen, the banana slices taste more like ice cream, which gives your kids another reason to love them!

Deliciously Easy After School Snacks Apple smile snacks are delicious as well. Taking two slices of apple, put peanut butter on one side and make an apple sandwich with marshmallows in the middle. Your kids will love this snack for the taste, and also for the silly smile!

Simply cutting up various fruits and vegetables and providing them with a dip might work as well. With the fruit, we recommend giving them the option to dip it into a marshmallow fluff or Nutella. As for the veggies, any kind of ranch or veggie dip will work!

Deliciously Easy After School Snacks One final deliciously easy after school snack that your kids will love is putting a variety of fruit and chocolate chips in an ice cream cone! It's convenient for them to hold on to, and keeps the unhealthy ice cream out of the picture.

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