Monday, July 29, 2013

Ford's Vibrating Stick Shift Teaches New Drivers How to Drive a Manual

Ford's Vibrating Stick Shift Teaches New Drivers How to Drive a Manual
WESTLAND, Mich. - The question of whether a manual or automatic provides a better drive is a continuous battle, with many drivers preferring to drive with a stick shift. However, the newest generation of drivers are learning to drive with automatics and never learning how to operate a manual transmission. This may soon be a thing of the past however, as Ford's vibrating stick shift teaches new drivers how to drive a manual.

This new technology is great for new drivers because of its alert system - the shift knob will vibrate when it is time to change gears. In most cases, an LED screen is located on top of the shift knob (seen in the above picture) which lets the driver know which gear the car is currently in. The engineer that has designed the knob has also said that drivers can program the shifter to better fit their driving needs. Specifically, someone looking for better fuel economy can adjust the shift to alert them when the most efficient time to shift is.

So how does the shifter know when it is time to change gears? It is connected to your vehicle's on-board diagnostic system and uses real-time data from your car. When your vehicle is ready to shift, the shifter reads the information from your car and alerts the driver that it is time to switch gears. You can see the gear in action by watching the video below.

Ford's vibrating stick shift that teaches new drivers how to drive a manual is not yet available, but will soon be sold to the public. If you'd like to talk about getting a manual transmission in your next vehicle, come see us at our Belleville Area Ford Dealer and our knowledgeable staff can go over all your options. We also have a variety of New Ford Cars and Certified Pre-Owned Cars For Sale that already have manual transmissions, so make sure to check those out! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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