Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hybrid F-150 and Mustang to Be Added to Ford's Lineup

WESTLAND, Mich.––We heard the news, just about a year ago, that Ford would be pushing to add 13 EVs or Electric Vehicles to its lineup by 2020. This week an announcement was made that verified seven of the 13 vehicles to be added. The most exciting part of this announcement was that two of Ford's most popular models will be electrified. The hybrid F-150 and Mustang will be added to Ford's lineup within the next five years.

Ford has been studying electrified vehicles and the way customers or drivers use their vehicles extensively to bring the best product lineup. Since 2005, Ford has sold more than 520,000 in the United States. Through 30,000 Ford EV owners, Ford has learned 88% of drivers daily distance is 60 miles or less.

Electric F-150 and Mustang to Be Added to Ford's Lineup

The electrified Ford F-150 pickup truck may seem silly to those who believe in a powerful V8 truck, but it will really benefit owners in multiple ways. The new hybrid truck will deliver the same powerful towing and payload capacity you would expect from a non-hybrid, can act as a mobile generator, and will obviously save drivers a ton at the gas pump by utilizing hybrid technologies. It's still in development for now, but the F-150 Hybrid will be produced at Ford's Dearborn Plant right here in Michigan and will be an addition to the lineup so buyers will have the option.

A hybrid pony will also join the herd by 2020. The hybrid Mustang is promised to deliver the same V8 power you would expect from a regular pony, and even more low-end torque. The new, more green Mustang is still in development as well, but will be produced in the Flat Rock Plant. When it goes on sale, it will be exclusive to the U.S. to begin with.

Ford has also announced a small electric SUV with a range of about 300 miles to be available by 2020. This EV SUV will be produced along with the hybrid Mustang in the Flat Rock Plant. Ford had previously talked about building a plant in Mexico; however, this is now cancelled and the money will go to investing in the Flat Rock Plant with about 700 jobs and $700 million. The new Manufacturing Innovation Center to be responsible for building the EV SUV, will also take on autonomous vehicle development for ride sharing.

With the hybrid F-150 and Mustang to be added to Ford's lineup in the next five years, there's plenty for drivers to look forward to! If you're holding out for a hybrid or more green version of your favorite Ford vehicle to come to the market, stay tuned because Ford is making moves to do so with many of its popular models. If you're in need of a new vehicle now, we'd love to help you buy or lease one at North Brothers Ford!

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