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Scare-Proof Neighborhood-Driving Tips for Halloween

Scare-Proof Neighborhood-Driving Tips for Halloween

WESTLAND, Mich. –– Halloween might be all tricks and treats for kids, but for drivers it can be a night of fear-driven anxiety and goose bumps as they cruise down neighborhood streets hoping the goblins, ghosts, and ghouls stay on the sidewalks as they creep from door-to-door shouting for candy.

While we recommend that you don’t drive on Halloween in order to avoid any potential hazards due to an influx of kids strolling the nighttime streets, if you must drive somewhere, be sure to follow these scare-proof neighborhood-driving tips for Halloween that will help you keep the trick-or-treating kids in your area safe.

Stay off neighborhood streets.
That is, stay off neighborhood streets if you’re able to. Of course, this is a lofty demand, and we don’t expect that everyone will be able to carry it out. If you have to drive somewhere during trick-or-treating hours, try to find the safest possible route out of your neighborhood based on where kids are and aren’t trick-or-treating.

Take it easy on the gas pedal.
It’s important to keep your driving speeds low during Halloween when you’re traveling through a neighborhood. Driving slowly give you more time to react in a situation that could require quick thinking, such as a group of trick-or-treaters running across a street without looking your way first.

Be a beacon of light.
Meaning, don’t be afraid to use your brights, or fog lights, when you’re driving in dark areas of your neighborhood that may not be lined with streetlights. Using your brights will give you a broader scope of vision in these instances and allow you more time to react quickly in situations like those mentioned above.

If you see a stop sign, stop.
You know who you are, rolling stoppers. The truth is the majority of drivers never come to complete stops at stop signs, although we all should because it’s a safety law. But specifically on Halloween this law is vital for drivers to follow religiously. Most kids don’t look both ways before crossing a street, despite what their parents taught them. By rolling through a stop sign, you aren’t giving yourself enough time to check your surroundings before continuing, but if you come to a full stop you have plenty of time to make sure there aren’t an ghosts lurking on corners, ready to take flight in front of your vehicle.

Yield sign or no yield sign, slow down at intersections.
This tip dovetails with coming to complete stops at stop signs. However, in this case we’re recommending that you slow down at intersections and check your surroundings before proceeding, even if there aren’t any yield signs telling you to do so. Again, most kids aren’t paying attention to anything but candy and creepy costumes on Halloween, so it’s your job to look out for them.

We hope with these scare-proof neighborhood-driving tips for Halloween, you and all your little ghouls and goblins make it home safe with loads of candy in hand! One easy way to stay safe on the road and keep your vehicle running well is with routine maintenance. Check out all our Fall Car Care tips and schedule your auto service online!

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