Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Redefined Cup Holders in the 2017 Ford Fusion

Redefined Cup Holders in the 2017 Ford Fusion

WESTLAND, Mich.––Take a moment to think about your car: how it runs, how it functions, how well the features work. Do any annoyances come to mind? For instance, that there's not enough storage in your center console, the steering wheel buttons are hard to use, or that those cup holders just aren't big enough for your coffee cup. Ford is listening, and has redefined cup holders in the 2017 Ford Fusion.

Why is this important? They're just cup holders, right? All these features in your car that don't function the way you want them to become a daily annoyance which can ultimately give you a worse impression of the vehicle overall than if the feature did "its job".

Ford research has taken on the challenge of fixing the seemingly menial feature, the cup holders. They first wanted to know why cup holders are so important to their customers. Ford research and a Nielsen study have given Ford the information they needed to improve the current Fusion cup holders. The studies showed that consumers not only use cup holders for their intended use of beverages, but also for loose change, mobile devices, and more.

The new redefined cup holders in the 2017 Ford Fusion are more forward leaving more room for an extended arm rest by 3 inches. The arm rest bin or center console now has an extra half-gallon of storage in the 2017 Ford Fusion, plus a pocket for small item storage. The cup holders also have new spring-loaded grips. Why exactly were these changes made? Let's look at some of the studies findings:

  • Consumers value a large cup holder, yet want one that's able to hold a skinny container without it tipping over. 
  • Bottles and large soft drink cups are the most common beverage item found in a cup holder in the U.S. North Americans are shown to be more likely to drink on the go. 
  • Consumers want a cup holder than can hold three sizes of drink where you can easily store a taller container, but still be able to easily access a shorter one. 
  • Consumers desire everything directly in reach, even with their very specific arm length and seat position.
  • Cup holders hold more than cups, especially with male drivers. Phones are the most common item, but loose change, food, gum or mints, and wallets respectively followed. 

When you're looking for a new vehicle, used vehicle, or lease vehicle, it's important to keep even the smallest features in mind. Most likely you'll be driving this vehicle everyday or often enough, you'll want the best experience possible! Thanks to Ford and their innovations and research, we can expect continual improvement on these features in upcoming vehicles such as the 2017 Ford Fusion. If you can't wait, we'd love to show you the 2016 Ford Fusion, and a few other Ford models with amazing convenience features. Whatever you're looking for in a vehicle, we can help you find it!

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