Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ford GT Configurator

Ford GT Configurator

WESTLAND, Mich.––Let's talk super cars. What's the one you dream about? The one you picture yourself driving in down an empty highway? For us, it's the new Ford GT. Unfortunately the price tag is a little hefty for some of us, making us unable to live the true dream; however you can still dream about it and build the perfect supercar with the Ford GT Configurator.

Ford has begun taking owner applications for the new Ford GT, and are allowing applicants to to submit for the first two years of production. There will only be 500 of these GTs made. This limited production is to set the stage for an ultra customer focused and unique experience. That's right, each and every Ford GT purchaser will get to work directly with Ford to build their super car.

Although you don't need to be a Ford GT purchaser or even put in an official application to build your Ford GT. You can check out the Ford GT Configurator online where you can choose and customize:

  • Exterior - color, stripes, and front/rear/side lowers finished
  • Wheels & Brake Calipers
  • Interior
  • Special Edition Series
Ford GT Configurator

The Ford GT is undoubtedly the most advanced Ford car in terms of technology and features. The body of the supercar is built with lightweighting and aerodynamics in mind. Ford understands that purchasers and applicants for the Ford GT are true ambassadors of the Ford Motor Company and want to provide the best for them with not only an amazing supercar, but also a great purchasing experience. 

With a price tag, not including destination and delivery, of around the mid $400,000's, and a production of 250 units per year, this Ford GT will be one of the rarest Ford models ever. Your dreams don't have to end there, use the Ford GT Configurator and show us your pictures. If you are wanting to apply for the GT, you can do so on the Ford GT website. Applications will be taken until May 12 at 11:59pm. 

We know this supercar doesn't fit everyone's budget, but we'll bet there's a Ford that does! We have some amazing 2016 models at North Brothers Ford that you can come in and test-drive for yourself, plus great deals, and excellent service to match. The popular 2016 Ford Escape and 2016 Ford Fusion are perfect for everyday commutes, but we do have an option for the more sporty and fast type- the 2016 Ford Mustang

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