Friday, April 22, 2016

10 Ways to Embrace Earth Day

WESTLAND, Mich.–– Happy Earth Day! Today we're celebrating the wonderful planet we all live on. To better the places we live, we must take action to protect our natural resources and the environment overall. It doesn't take too much effort to make a big impact. So what are some things you can do in your everyday life to help the planet? Here are 10 Ways to Embrace Earth Day.

1. Start Shopping at Your Local Farmer's Market
Not only does this help your community, but it also allows you to take your produce home almost packaging free!

2. Ensure the Food in Your Fridge Gets Eaten On Time
We all have instances where something gets forgotten in the back of the fridge, or you have a busy lifestyle and just don't get to eat it all before it goes bad. Study your eating habits and make a grocery list that reflects how much you actually eat. Freezing items temporarily can help solve the problem.

3. Open Your Windows 
During those nice spring and summer days, open up the windows for fresh air and a free breeze that'll help cool your house down. If it's a colder day, open your blinds to let the sun shine through to capture the warmth inside. Alternatively you can close your blinds to keep the hot sun out.

4. Invest in Reusable Items
This can be anything like water bottles, food containers, shopping bags, dryer balls, etc. These items can help reduce waste you regularly create. For instance, dryer balls do the same job as dryer sheets and may also reduce drying time, which saves energy.

5. Recycle Anything You Can
There are so many items you can recycle like plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, batteries, printer cartridges, electronics, large appliances, clothes, and more! Doing a simple google search can show you where you can go to do so.

6. Make an Effort to Use Less Water
Taking shorter showers, turning off the water when you're brushing your teeth, and always run full loads in your dishwasher and clothes washer.

7. Invest in Home Products That Use Less Water or Energy
To make saving even more doable, invest in low flow toilets, LED lightbulbs, and other energy or water saving home products. Investing in these products might cost a little more upfront but will help you save on your bills monthly. Also replacing old appliances will help save energy, because new appliances run more efficiently.

8. Carpool When You Can
You can easily share rides with people going to the same place when it's convenient. You can save money and have a little company on the way!

9. Bike or Walk When You Can 
It's not always easy to get out there when the weather can be a little unpredictable in Michigan. When it's a nice outside, bike or walk to where you need to be. This is also a great way to be active!

10. Buy a Fuel-Efficient Car
When it's time to buy your next car, consider buying a fuel-efficient, hybrid, or electric car! Not only will it save you on gas but it'll help save the environment as well!

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