Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Make Sure Your Steak is Done this Fourth of July

How to Make Sure Your Steak is Done this Fourth of July

WESTLAND, Mich.– Summer in general is a season for grilling, but holidays like Independence Day are when Americans really like to show off their tong-handling, meat-searing, steak-flipping skills. Regardless of how slick you are with the grill tools, it’s vital that you know how to make sure your steak is done this Fourth of July before serving it to anyone. Here are some tips:

Rare Steak
Some are puzzled by others’ affinity for undercooked meat, but you or someone you know might be the guy celebrating the Fourth of July with a hunk of red meat on their plate. To test for a properly cooked rare steak, form a circle with your index finger and thumb. With your other index finger press the palm under your thumb. Yup, that’s what a rare steak feels like!

Medium-Rare Steak
This one is just as simple. Make a circle with your middle finger and thumb, and press the palm under your thumb. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Medium Steak
You guessed it: Make a circle with your ring finger and thumb. Press the palm. There’s your medium steak.

Well-Done Steak
Bet you’re expecting a curveball with this one. Well, you’re wrong, we’re sticking with the same pattern. Make a circle with your pinky and thumb– press and feel the toughness of a well-done steak.

Regardless of what secret rub recipe you’ve concocted and love to brag about, despite your shiny new grill and aside from your tong-mastery, to be a true grill master you need to know how to make sure your steak is done this Fourth of July the way your guests like it! 

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