Friday, May 8, 2015

Pet Driving Tips

Pet Driving Tips
WESTLAND, Mich. – Do you feel guilty leaving your furry friends at home alone all day? We sure do! Especially when they do the cute little "head to the side" thing that all dogs do, you know what we're talking about. No that the warmer weather is finally rolling in, we have the freedom take our furry friend along for the ride with us! Whether it's to the park, the beach, the lake house, or on a road trip, it's good to have some pet driving tips to fall back on! Take a look at these; you'll definitely be ready to head out on the road with your favorite pup!

  • Before you hit the road, it's important to do some research. Investigate the pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and parks along the way. This way, both you and your pet can benefit from a well-deserved break together.
  • You would never let you child ride without a seat belt, would you? Well, we feel that should go for your pet as well! Be sure your little buddy is always secure in some type of carrier that is properly attached to the vehicle. This will not only benefit the safety of your four-legged friend, but also will keep you free from distraction and harm as well. 
  • Most importantly, and we are sure you've heard this time and time again – NEVER leave your pet alone in a vehicle! Even if you think the temperature outside is just right, whether it's cold or hot, the temperature in a vehicle can change in a matter of minutes, leading to serious health problems for our little friends.
  • Just like us, it's critical to always make sure your four-legged friend is hydrated. Pack a frozen bowl of water for them to lick – no more messy water spills all over the car!
  • If you know you have a long road trip ahead, take the time to walk or play with your pet beforehand. This will help them to get most of their energy out, resulting in a relaxing car ride for all. 
  • Before any long trip, it's crucial to make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccines – preventing them from picking up any threats that could be lurking in the new environment. 
  • Consider bringing along something your pet is familiar with like a special toy or blanket. Pets love the scent of something well known because it gives them a sense of comfort and content, helping to eliminate any fear they may have while riding in the car. 

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