Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tips for "Spring Cleaning" Your Car

Tips for "Spring Cleaning" Your Car
WESTLAND, Mich - In honor of the first day of spring being only a few days away, why not get in a "warm" state of mind? After this brutal winter, spring weather may seem like a distant thought, but soon enough we will be driving with the windows down! Along with the rest of your spring cleaning rituals, you cannot forget to give your car a good scrub down. We are here to give you some of our favorite Tips for "Spring Cleaning" Your Car

1. Rinse off the underbody. With all of the snow we have had this winter season, tons of salt, dirt and other grime has more than likely built up on the undercarriage of your vehicle. Leaving the build up can cause corrosion and rust issues, which in turn can make your vehicle very difficult to drive.

2. Replace your wiper blades. Surely you used your wiper blades a lot throughout the season and will continue to do so with upcoming "April showers".  Wiper blades get a work out during the winter, so be sure to replace them to avoid poor visibility. Remember - wiper blades cannot do the job on their own; fill up your washer fluid as well!

3. Check your tires. Us Michigan drivers know how rough the potholes are around town and the toll they take on our tires! It is important to keep on eye on the inflation of your tires as well as have a wheel alignment and/or a tire rotation done as part of your "spring cleaning". 

4. Clean your carpet. Between the snow, salt and slush, your carpets are probably a disaster! Use a carpet cleaner with a scrub brush on the end to get underneath the winter residue.

5. Go through your glovebox. Are you guilty of shoving everything into your glovebox and forgetting about it? Start spring by clearing out the glovebox and get all of that junk out of there! Be sure you don't throw away your proof of insurance and registration. Keep your documents in an easy-to-grab spot!

What else are we forgetting? Do you have some more tips for "Spring Cleaning" your car? We want to hear them! Leave your cleaning routine, tips and tricks in the comments section below. 

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