Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ford Everest Concept Revealed at Bangkok International Auto Show

Ford Everest Concept Revealed at Bangkok International Auto Show
WESTLAND, Mich - Just yesterday, March 25th, the Ford Everest Concept was Revealed at the Bangkok International Auto Show. Ford showcased the new SUV and its bold, modern design demonstrating how their global expertise will bring a whole new level of sophistication and capability to the SUV segment. The Ford Everest is setting the bar for SUVs with its new stylish appearance and exceptional level comfort.

The Ford Everest Concept Revealed at the Bangkok International Auto Show is geared specifically toward the global utility market, which has made a 13 percent growth since 2013. The Ford Everest is the perfect vehicle for ASEAN market customers who are seeking a capable up-country or in the city SUV. Following key Ford design cues, the Everest is sleek with bold technical details. The relatively petite headlamps emphasize the trapezoidal grille of the SUV giving off a powerful look, which cannot be mistaken for anything but a Ford. The rear of the vehicle has a robust design that is not commonly seen on SUVs. The Everest's high ground clearance shows the potential it has for an off roading adventure and it's fun-to-drive persona. 

Ford Everest Concept Revealed at Bangkok International Auto Show

Thanks to the regional design and product development team in Australia the Ford Everest Concept shows Ford's regional design and engineering abilities. The Everest Concept is also a symbol of Ford's vision of a global Ford vehicle with a regional heritage. Ford Motor Company's latest Everest SUV is just the start of Ford's expansion to showrooms across the ASEAN region. 

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