Monday, March 24, 2014

New Content Added to Ford Driving Skills for Life Program

New Content Added to Ford Driving Skills for Life Program
WESTLAND, Mich - Out with the old and in with the new! As Ford Motor Company's unique educational driving program reaches its second successful decade, there is no better time to add some modern enhancements. New Content has been Added to Ford Driving Skills for Life Program to address dangerous trends and challenges that teen and new drivers will be facing as they head out on the road.

Ford is continuing to encourage safe driving habits with their "hands on the wheel, eyes on the road" philosophy, while also doing their best to keep new/teen driving engaged. Updating the curriculum was vital with all of the new and dangerous driving trends that drivers are partaking in. An entire segment has been added to address the fad of "driving selfies"; or when a driving is taking a self-portrait while behind the wheel. Ford will show drivers the distractions and dangers that is created by taking a selfie as they drive on a closed course.

New Content Added to Ford Driving Skills for Life Program

Some of the other new content that has been added to the Ford Driving Skills for Life program tackles the dangers of impaired driving. As the numbers of drivers under the influence on the road increases, Ford felt it necessary bring this issue to new/teen drivers attention. A "drunk driving" suit will replicate similar challenges that a person faces when under the influences of alcohol. Weighted arms and legs will cause slow reaction times and improper balance for the student. This will show the new driver just how much one is physically impaired while under the influence and the hazards it causes behind the wheel. 

Since 2003, the Ford Driving Skills for Life program has been bringing new/teen drivers unique lessons that they would not learn in a typical drivers education class. Spanning a total of more than 15 countries, Ford Driving Skills for Life is educating drivers all over the world about safe driving practices. Check out the latest and enhanced material at

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