Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ford EcoBoost® Police Interceptor Vehicle Dominates Competitors

Ford EcoBoost® Police Interceptor Vehicle Dominates Competitors
WESTLAND, Mich - For the third year in a row, Los Angeles Sheriff Department tests the EcoBoost-all wheel-drive-equipped Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicles at the Fontana raceway in California. Both were the fastest in 0-100 mph acceleration testing and average lap times. The New Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor dominates competitors, with the utility vehicle accelerating faster than all other base V6 sedans.

Not only is the third annual win a point of pride, but the results of the utility vehicle are remarkable for both the automotive industry and Ford. Police Interceptor utility represents a 60 percent increase of Ford police vehicle sales. With the performance levels achieved by the Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicle, Ford is leading two major shifts in police vehicles since the newest introduction last year of the all-new Police Interceptor family. Since the launch, Ford Police Interceptor sedan sales increased by 34 percent in the 2013 calendar year. The utility sales are up a massive 142 percent.

The Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicle is only available with all-wheel drive and 88 percent of the sedan's volume is all-wheel drive. LASD tests show police agencies will not need to sacrifice performance for the added space and versatility the utility vehicle provides. The LASD and Michigan State Police tests earlier this year have shown that Ford's all-wheel drive improves handling, most importantly when in chase situations.

Ford Police Interceptor vehicles are getting the attention of agencies nationwide with the attractive ability to save law enforcement's money without compromising speed. The transition from traditional V8-equipped police vehicles to a powerful, more efficient Ford EcoBoost V6 vehicle makes this possible. Ford is continuing to offer law enforcement agencies alternative vehicle choices with the announcement in September of a new non-pursuit-rated, fuel-efficient 2.0-liter EcoBoost-equipped Special Service Police Sedan. Did we mention it gets 30 mph highway? Ford is continuing to work hard so that their EcoBoost Police Interceptor Vehicles dominate competitors today and in the future

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