Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

10 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your VehicleWESTLAND, Mich.- Purchasing a car is a big investment, and taking care of your vehicle can significantly prolong its life. For a quick fix, bring your vehicle into North Brothers Ford for an inspection make sure everything's in order. If you're ready to Do-It-Yourself, check out our 10 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle!

Break It In- If you just purchased a new car, take it easy during the break-in period! I know you're tempted to see what your new ride’s got, but you’ll be glad you waited later on.

Don't Fill Up If The Tanker's There- When the tanker fills the underground tanks at your local gas station it can stir up sediment, which can cause serious damage to your vehicle. So, go to another station or come back the next day.

Pay For Good Insurance- Like the saying goes: You get what you pay for. When purchasing auto insurance look for one that will pay for OEM parts and guarantee the work that they authorize.

Fix Bad Weather Stripping- Check out your weather stripping, if it's leaking or detached you may be able to repair it with adhesives or foam rods available at your local auto parts store. If you're unsure how to fix your weather stripping, matching weather-stripping can be ordered to fit your car exactly! Just come on in!

Fix Small Scratches And Nicks ASAP- Don't waste any time repairing any nicks or scratches. You’ll prevent rusting and keep your vehicle looking new. You can get touch up paint in your vehicles exact color, just stop by and we'll help you out!

Tape A Cracked Taillight- A cracked taillight or headlight may not bother you, but it can allow water to get inside, which could cause serious problems. All you need is a roll of the red or clear tape designed specifically for this and you can prevent other problems.

Wash In Winter- Washing your car is even more important in winter than any other time since sand, slush and ice mixed with salt can cause rusting. Keep the undercarriage, and other areas prone to rust, as clean as possible during the winter.

Buy A Fender Cover- Doing your car maintenance yourself can save you a bundle. But don't create other problems for yourself by scratching the paint while you're at it. A fender cover drapes over the side of your car and provides a protected place to rest tools.

Rotate Your Tires- Rotate your tires every 6,000 to 7,500 miles so the tires wear evenly and so you can make sure you get the maximum life out of them. Consult your Owners Manual for the correct rotation pattern.

Run Your AC In The Winter- Turning the system on a couple times during the winter months will help prevent moving parts of the compressor from seizing up and the circulating refrigerant will also keep seals in good shape.

We're confident in your DIY-abilities, but if you'd like us to help you out with these 10 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle stop by our Westland Auto Service Center. If you're in a rush, we also offer Ford Quicklane! Your Southeast Michigan Ford Dealer is happy to help, just give us a call at (888) 806-7163 or visit North Brothers Ford located at 33300 Ford Rd Westland, MI 48185.  

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