Wednesday, July 13, 2016

No Churn Ice Cream Recipes You Can Make at Home

WESTLAND, Mich.––Summer is one hot season and it's the prime time for us to find different ways to cool off. We all love food and enjoying it with each other, which is why frozen treats are one of the main draws of summer. You can easily head out to your favorite ice cream joint, head to the store and stock up the fridge, or have a little more fun with these creative no churn ice cream recipes you can make at home! All these recipes require is a decent mixer (hand held will do fine, but the standing kind works even better), a big mixing bowl, a dish to put the ice cream in, a freezer to complete the process, and a ice cream scoop so you can enjoy your creation. You can get as crazy as you want with different toppings in these recipes to make an ice cream that's unique to your taste. Enjoy!

1. Fudgy Brownie Batter Ice Cream

No Churn Ice Cream Recipes

2. Cake Batter Ice Cream Funfetti

No Churn Ice Cream Recipes You Can Make at Home

3. Creamsicle Ice Cream

No Churn Ice Cream Recipes You Can Make at Home

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

No Churn Ice Cream Recipes You Can Make at Home

5. Strawberry Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream

These delicious no churn ice cream recipes you can make at home are too simple not to do! Plus, it's one of the best ways to cool down when the temperatures are soaring. We hope you stay cool all season, especially while you're on the road. Did you know you can control the temperature of your cabin with your voice and Ford SYNC? See our new Ford SYNC vehicle technology page to see how to do so. If your vehicle isn't cooling off as much as you need it to, it might be time for an AC tune up or cooling system inspection. Make sure to check out all our Summer Car Care pages on our website for the best tips on how to maintain your vehicle through the hot summer heat. 

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