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Summer Car Care and Tire Safety at North Brothers Ford

WESTLAND, Mich.–– Summer car care is comprised of routine maintenance, inspections, and service to components including: your vehicle's A/C, Cooling, and Fuel systems. While these things are all important to have done, one of the most important components you need to continually care for is your tires! Summer car care and tire safety at North Brothers Ford is easy with our coupons, deals, and excellent, transparent auto service. Let's talk about why your tires are so important during the summer, and how to get the best deal on tires and tire services!

Your tires connect your car to the road, they carry you from place to place, and they do a lot of work in terms of keeping you safe on the road. In the summer it's easy for us to relax and forget about the troubles of everyday life, but forgetting about your tires is one mistake you shouldn't make! All the extra time on the road for vacations and road trips, plus the hot pavement and potential for rainy weather, equals the need to make your tire maintenance a priority.

Summer Car Care and Tire Safety at North Brothers Ford

So what do you need to do for your tires in order to stay safe on the road, make your tires last longer, and get the best fuel economy?


Your tires require a certain level of inflation for everyday driving. Inflating to the recommended level of air pressure can help you achieve the best fuel economy. Under inflated tires can make your car work harder to move which means it's using more fuel, while over inflated tires run the risk of severe damage like popping, especially with high-speed driving and heat. Also making sure to respect your cars weight capacity can help eliminate the possibility of your tire being damaged.


Your tires require a certain level of tread to be able to effectively stop on any road condition, so letting your tires go bald before having them changed is a bad idea. You can check your tread by using the penny method, or stop by our dealership to use our tread spec machine. All you need to do is simply drive over the machine and we'll go over the results with you which detail each tires tread pattern and level. It's also important to check for any damage or visual abnormalities to your tires like bulges, cracking, and object punctures.

Summer Car Care and Tire Safety at North Brothers Ford


We're adamant about the importance of having enough tread on your tires, and rotating your tires plays a big part in that. Because of the way your car distributes weight and drives can effect the tread wear of each tire. Rotating your tires regularly will ensure each tire is experiencing the same amount of wear. In turn, this will help extend the life of your tires. If you have one tire with much lower tread than the next, your car will have trouble compensating for the difference and will need to work harder to move. Your tire alignment can also affect this, so checking alignment each time your tires are rotated can help your car move more efficiently. 

Summer Car Care and Tire Safety at North Brothers Ford

How do you save money on tires? Regular maintenance helps extend the life of your tires so you'll need to change them less, but when you do, North Brothers Ford has you covered! We've not only got coupons available for use on your next set of tires, but also the best technology to make sure you're truly safe on the road. We involve each and every one of our customers in the service process so you'll know just what's going on with your vehicle and its tires. Make sure to schedule your appointment check-in time online for your auto and tire services to save some time. See we told you summer car care and tire safety at North Brothers Ford would be easy! For even more tips on caring for your tires, see our Service FAQs. For all our other summer car car tips, check out our A/C and Cooling System page, Fuel System page, Exterior Lights page, Sun Protection page, and Cosmetic Repairs page.

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