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Winter Car Care Tips & Vehicle Maintenance at North Brothers Ford

 Winter Car Care Tips and Vehicle Maintenance at North Brothers Ford in Westland, MI

WESTLAND, Mich., –– Winter can be the hardest season on your vehicle. Low temperatures, snow, ice, and road issues are some of the roughest obstacles you'll have to face this time of year. These factors can all take a serious toll on your vehicle in terms of safety and performance. You, and the team at North Bros, can take the necessary steps to making sure your car is good to go for the rest of the season! With the winter car care tips and vehicle maintenance at North Brothers Ford you can make sure your vehicle is prepared with precautionary routine maintenance care. By inspecting, replacing, and maintaining the components below, you can keep your vehicle in great shape through the winter season and beyond.

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  • Tires: When the roads get slick don’t risk the danger of winter weather by keeping your all-season tires on. Did you know that installing winter tires can help you stay safe in more than just snow and ice? You should also check your tires' inflation level, tread wear, and tread depth to make sure they can get you through the season with enough grip for the cold roads! Learn more about the importance of these tasks by clicking the link. 
  • Batteries: The last thing you want to worry about this winter is a vehicle that won’t start. Check out our winter battery care page to read more about how to cold weather affects your car's battery, see signs your battery might be having issues, and learn why you should have it professionally inspected this season at North Brothers Ford! 
  • Brakes: Your brakes are one of the most important vehicle components when it comes to winter vehicle maintenance. From brake inspections, repairs, and replacements, click to learn more about how you can make sure your brakes are prepared for winter weather. Plus, see signs that your brakes aren't up to par for this winter season. 
  • Oil Change: Oil Changes are one of the simplest and most important routine services you can do for your vehicle, but unfortunately they are often skipped. Worn oil won't be able to provide the proper protection for your engine and will have a hard time moving through your engine in the cold weather. Regular oil changes will help extended the life of your vehicle and can help you avoid costly repairs. Learn more by clicking the link to see our page. 
  • Wiper Blades: Snow, sleet, and leftover ice often cause vision problems when you hit the road in the winter. If you're having problems clearing your view, or if your wiper blades are leaving streaks that make it hard to see, it might be time for a new pair. These parts should be replaced about every 6 months, but the weather can take a toll on them, so pay attention and learn more about the signs you need to replace them by clicking the link above. 

Here at North Brothers Ford we want you to be safe this winter, and every season. Our team of trained technicians are available to help you get through the coldest Michigan months without the worry of whether your vehicle is prepared to handle the harsh weather. Our Certified Service Department can inspect, repair, and replace any component necessary. Whether you have questions on brakes, batteries, tires, oil changes, or wiper blades, we are here to help keep your car running with our winter car care tips and vehicle maintenance.

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