Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Things You Should Keep In Your Car This Summer

10 Things You Should Keep In Your Car This Summer
WESTLAND, Mich. - Summer is, slowly, but surely making its way to the midwest and we COULD NOT be any more excited! Just like during the winter, there are some things you should always keep in your car during the warmer months, especially with families loading into their cars and hitting up the lake-house for a summer vacation. We searched and found 10 things you should keep in your car this summer that might come in handy if you ever find yourself in a pickle:

1. Disinfectant wipes: This one was pretty obvious, and is a must have for so many things that could happen in the vehicle. From picking up spills, dusting your dashboard, to cleaning dirt hands, these will definitely come in handy during your car trips this year!

2. Pen and paper: You never know that you need these until your franticly searching your car to write down a tow-truck number or directions.

3. Energy bars: These delicious snacks are high in calories, non-perishable, and high in protein which can hold you, or your tired kids, over until the tow truck arrives or Roadside Assistance comes to your aid while your stranded in a thunderstorm.

4. Bottled water: We feel like this is obvious, but you would be surprised! Keeping water available keeps you hydrated on unexpectedly long car rides. Remember to keep the bottles out of the sunlight, and replace the water every month to keep it fresh!

5. Maps: Yes we know your car has GPS, as does your phone, and probably your watch and your kids mobile game... HOWEVER in the event that you lose ALL GPS or mapping device power, remember to keep a U.S map, state map, and country map in your vehicle so, in the event of getting lost, you'll always be able to find your way home, or to the nearest drugstore to get a phone charger.

6. WD-40: Lug nuts can be loosened, door latches can be lubricated, and so much more can be done with a can of this iconic tool!

7. Duct tape: This is great for a quick temporary fix! It can hold your muffler in place, reattaching a side-view mirror or cleaning any dog hair that gets on your clothes.

8. Kitty litter: Didn't think you would see this on here did you? Kitty litter absorbs and eliminates odor, which is PERFECT to use quickly if a pet or child gets sicks in your car.

9. Utility knife: Having a knife, screwdriver, file and can opener, this multi-tool can handle a million different problems! You won't be sorry by splurging and getting one with scissors, pliers and even a magnifying glass... Trust us, you won't be sorry!

10. Matches: Keep a few matchboxes in a freezer bag so they'll stay dry. You never know when the situation will arise.  

These are 10 things you should keep in your car this summer, just in case you find yourself stranded on I-96 in a rainstorm, you won't be sorry! Do you have anything you HAVE to keep in your car? Share them with us! North Brothers Ford is located at 33300 Ford Rd. Westland, MI 48185, is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in Southeast Michigan and is committed to exceptional customer service! Stop by or give us a call at (888) 806-7163, our knowledgeable sales team will be more than happy to help!

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