Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

WESTLAND, Mich.,––If you haven't checked the weather yet, this week is going to be filled with sunny and extra-warm days. This makes it a great time to get outside and clean your car inside and out! Cleaning your car may seem like a pain at first, but it'll help clear out that annoying clutter that gets in the way on the interior, help your car's exterior look great and stay protected from the sun, and help you get prepared for any upcoming Summer road trips. Here's a handful of spring cleaning tips for your car from North Brothers Ford:

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

For washing and waxing your car's exterior:

  • Use specialized car cleaner soap. Dish detergent is much too abrasive for your vehicle’s paint.
  • Microfiber rags, soft sponges, and soft brushes will do just fine. Avoid magic-eraser type sponges because they’re much too abrasive for your car's exterior.
  • Use dryer sheets to get those nasty bugs off your grille and hood.
  • Use very hot water and a soapy microfiber rag for removing tree sap.
  • Always fully rinse your car before and after the suds. 
  • Try your best to rinse the undercarriage of your car to rid of dirt on the parts that matter most. 
  • Give your tools a good rinse, including your bucket, to ensure you're not washing with existing dirt and grit. If the water in your bucket gets too dirty, don't hesitate to switch it out for fresh! 
  • Rinse and wash one side at a time so you can rinse before the soap dries.
  • Don’t skip the wax! It may seem tedious, but it’s worth the paint protection it provides, helping to keep dirt and grime from scratching your vehicle, while also providing UV ray protection. If you choose to go through the car wash, make sure to buy a package that includes wax. 

For cleaning out your car's interior: 

  • Gather all your garbage and recyclables from the floor, under the seats, center console, glove box, and side storage pockets and get rid of it! This will immediately help to clear clutter.
  • Decide which items you really need in your car for the upcoming season, and clear out the rest. you can also get ideas online for organizing all your small in-car items. 
  • Use coffee filters to dust your dash and plastic surfaces, which surprisingly leave no fibers behind like paper towels. 
  • Wash the inside of your windows to get rid of any unsightly streaks. Use a vinegar-based solution with a semi wet microfiber rag to wash the windows, then use a clean dry rag for a streak-free shine.
  • Take your rugs out and shake to release any loose dirt or crumbs, then vacuum both your seats and carpet. If your vacuum is having trouble reaching it all, we recommend using something sticky to pick up those stubborn crumbs. 
  • Roll your windows down and let your car air out! If your car still smells rancid, use an open box of baking soda overnight to help rid of any strange scents. You can always add a air freshener to make it extra fresh. 

Need any help getting these Spring cleaning tasks done this week? We can help! Give us a call to schedule an appointment or for any questions on the detail services that we offer. We want to help your vehicle look great and run great, too. Check out our website for more information on some of the routine maintenance services we offer, and don't forget to check out our available coupons as well to help you save.

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