Friday, March 11, 2016

5 Car Organization Hacks

WESTLAND, Mich.––Driving to work, the kids' practice, the grocery store, and every where in between equals a lot of time in the car. It also means a lot of stuff that accumulates in your car! Clothes, shoes, snacks, toys, garbage, etc. all end up in your car can easily be forgotten about and ignored throughout our daily activities. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning out your car, you might want to consider these 5 car organization hacks

1. Desk Item Holders

You can find these, or something similar, at a office supply store. These are typically used for paper clips, notepads, etc. but work great for other small items that go missing in your car like change, headphones, etc. These can work for those strange spaces near your cup holders or in your center console.

2. Baskets

Baskets are great for a whole lot of reasons, but simply put, for holding plenty of like items in one easy place. Shown above is a more fabric based basket which would work well for squeezing in certain places, and as a bonus it has a nice pattern. We recommend using a basket for emergency items for easy access when in a pinch.

3. Gum Containers 

Having change everywhere looks messy, but this little hack will keep it all together. These gum containers are big enough to fit lots of change, and some bills if you choose, and fit perfectly in your cup holder. These containers can work for other things like small snacks, hair pins, etc. 

4. Shoe Organizers

A shoe organizer works wonders for all those mismatch items that pile up. You can keep extra socks, toys, snacks, and whatever else you can think of in these perfect sized slots. This placement works for both the driver and passengers in the back. 

5. File Organizers

A small file organizer can be found at an office supply store and works really well to store important documents. Things like your title, registration, insurance, pet documents, maps, etc. that you need to always keep in the car or for travel can all be kept in one spot. This file organizer should also help keep the documents from getting dirty or wrinkled. 

You can use these tips to organize your car and keep it from becoming too messy again. At North Brothers Ford we're here to help with any auto need including tips like these 5 car organization hacks! It's our goal to make auto service and routine maintenance easy for you. For your convenience you can schedule your check-in time for your service appointment online! We can also help save you a future headache by regularly performing maintenance like oil changestire rotations, and brake inspections to help your car run its best! We've put all the best advice and answers to your questions in our newly updated FAQs page that will help you take care of your vehicle. 

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