Monday, April 28, 2014

Why is Ford Motor Company Bringing Back the Escort?

Why is Ford Motor Company Bringing Back the Escort?
WESTLAND, Mich - A few weeks ago at the Beijing Auto Show, Ford revealed the all-new Escort sedan to the public. This compact sedan may be offered around the globe eventually, but this model has been created specifically with the Chinese market in mind. The Ford Focus has been a major driver in Ford's China sales growth and a huge success over the last few years. So, this poses the question - Why is Ford Motor Company Bringing Back the Escort?

Well, to answer that, we have to explain exactly what the new Escort is. It's a Focus sedan that has been modified in some key ways to meet specific Chinese tastes and needs. The Escort has significantly more rear-seat legroom than the Focus, which is a key selling point. In the United States, we think of the backseat as a place for children, but in China this is not always the case. For instance, with the hectic urban traffic, those who can afford to hire professional drivers plan on sitting in the backseat of their own vehicle. For those who don't have a driver, the comfort of any other passenger, especially grandparents, is taken into deep consideration when purchasing a vehicle. 

From a style point of view, the Escort is a toned-down version of the Focus sedan. Models that are not ostentatious, but still nice are more appealing to certain sectors of the Chinese market. They look for vehicle with comfortable, quiet interior with lots of high-tech features, that does not give off the demeanor of a "showy" vehicle. As much as the Focus has been a hit for Ford China, some folks believe that is just a tad bit too flashy for their taste. So, enter the Ford Escort.  The Escort does contain some special luxury features like perforated leather on the seats and LED headlight trims. It is roomier, with simpler interior that still possess a unique premium look.

So again, Why is Ford Motor Company Bringing Back the Escort? Well, Ford continues to keep their customers in mind. Ford Motor Company realizes that even though the popularity of a vehicle will bring much success, there is still a sub-group within the market that will need a different type of vehicle to fulfill their needs. Adding an Escort to the lineup just shows how Ford understands that each customer looks for different components within a vehicle, components that will fit nicely into their daily life. 

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