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Summer Car Care Tips

WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Vacation season is here, which means you'll be out and about a lot this summer! Making sure to take good care of your vehicle and to keep up on routine maintenance during the hot summer months can help you avoid the headache of car trouble on any trips, whether it's your commute to work or to somewhere out of state for vacation. Take advantage of our summer car care tips to protect your vehicle from sun and heat damage, keep you and your passengers comfortable, and to keep your car running well on the road!

Summer Car Care Tips

Check Your Air Conditioning System

On scorching summer days, you won't regret keeping your A/C system properly maintained! If your A/C system is letting out little to no air or it's not cooling your cabin as quick as it used to, it may be time to have your system inspected. In some cases, your vehicle's air filter may need replacing. Getting your air filter replaced can be extremely beneficial as it will help your fuel efficiency and remove any pollen in the filter which can affect any allergies you might have, making it difficult to breathe. You'll be thankful once you get it replaced when you're stuck in traffic on a humid day!
In other cases, not receiving cool air could mean a more serious problem with your radiator or cooling system. If you're experiencing this, make sure to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible for the sake of your engine!

Get a Car Wash

Grime and dirt can build up over time on your vehicle and it can be difficult to pay attention to, especially when you're busy having fun all summer. Although it's an easy task to ignore, it's important to keep up on car washes! This excess grime and dirt on your vehicle can cause micro scratching on the paint, which can lead to unsightly rust on vehicle's exterior. Whether you give your car a wash at home, or have it washed at the car wash, make sure to top it off with a wax to even further protect your vehicle's paint. If you choose to wash your car at home, use gentle materials and soap formulated for automotive purposes to avoid any abrasion to your car's exterior. 

Park in the Shade

Whenever you get the opportunity, park in the shade! Your vehicle can heat up fairly quickly . Overtime, your vehicle's interior can become discolored and worn from UV rays, so regularly parking in the shade can help fight aging. The hot temperature can also wear down other components like tires, brake fluid, belts and hoses, and make them more susceptible to damage. As simple as it seems, parking in the shade will help to extend the life of your vehicle. Plus, you'll be thankful when you get back in your vehicle and it's not blazing hot. 

Replace Your Coolant

One of the most important parts of your vehicle, engine coolant, is used to regulate the temperature of your engine. Whether it's cooling down a warm engine on a hot day or a cold day, engine coolant plays an important role of regulating temperature in your vehicle's regular running function. Because it gets much warmer in the summer, your engine is simply more susceptible to overheating if the coolant is leaking or needs replacing. Engine coolant is typically replaced every 30,000 miles, or at the specified interval in your owner's manual. If you aren't sure when it was last replaced, we'd be happy to take a look and recommend a service date. 

Check Other Essential Fluids

Besides coolant, your other vehicle fluids should be replaced regularly to ensure your vehicle can withstand the heat and get you through all your summer adventures. Whether it's engine oil, wiper fluids, or brake fluid, each plays a very important role. Engine oil is usually replaced every 3,000-5,000 miles. Wiper fluid should be replaced as it's used to ensure you have enough liquid to clear your windshield. Brake fluid isn't something that needs replacing often, but it should be inspected if your brakes are feeling too soft or if it's taking you longer to complete a stop.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any other questions about caring for your vehicle this summer. Follow our summer car care tips for a great season on the road, and stay tuned to our blog for more car care tips, hacks, and more. If you need help with any vehicle maintenance, like an oil change, coolant flush, or vehicle inspection, let us know or schedule an appointment online. Looking for a new ride this summer? Take a look at our inventory of new Fords and stop in for a test drive. It's our goal to find you a vehicle that fits your needs and budget for all seasons! 

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