Friday, July 29, 2016

5 Tips for Washing Your Car At Home

WESTLAND, Mich.–– Everyone loves a good carwash from the sky. Yes, we park outside when it's going to rain too. But sometimes rain just simply doesn't happen. Unfortunately, Michigan has been dry this summer, so you'll have to resort to the car wash or to doing it yourself at home. Getting the shine that you want isn't terribly difficult if you've got the right tools and tips. Use our 5 tips for washing your car at home for the cleanest and shiniest ride on the block.

5 Tips for Washing Your Car At Home

1. Use specialized car cleaner soap. Other soaps like dish detergent are too rough for your vehicle’s paint. 

2. Microfiber rags, soft sponges, and soft plastic bristle brushes get the job done removing dirt without scratching the surface of your vehicle. Dryer sheets work well to remove bugs on your grill. 

3. Rinse your tools well, and switch out the bucket water frequently to avoid washing with old grit.

4. Rinse and wash one side at a time so you can rinse before the soap dries, in the warm sun. Try to rinse the undercarriage as well, this will help get rid of any liquid or dirt that could potentially cause rusting.

5. Take time to wax your car. It may seem time consuming, but it’s worth the paint protection it provides, helping to keep dirt and grime from scratching your vehicle, while also providing UV ray protection. Make sure to do this in the shade or during cooler hours of the day

Your vehicle is what gives you freedom, and gets you where you need and want to be. It's a big investment, which is why we want to help you protect and maintain it with our 5 tips for washing your car at home. We want you to enjoy it for however long you have it, and help keep its value with car care and routine maintenance! In fact, we're constantly updating our website with information to help you out with anything from car buying and leasing, to Ford SYNC technology information, to fluids and filter vehicle maintenance at North Brothers Ford. 

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